BNM warns of potential humanitarian crisis amidst rising military aggression in Bolan

The Baloch National Movement (BNM) spokesperson strongly condemns the military aggressions in Bolan, Sibi, and Harnai, expressing concern over the silence of international human rights organizations and civilized nations.

It said in a media statement that ” The silence of international human rights organizations and civilized countries has allowed Pakistan to escalate aggression in Balochistan, causing immense suffering for the local population. Military actions have resulted in the besiegement of people, with entry and exit routes sealed, and women and children being tortured.The spokesperson highlighted a comprehensive restriction on the movement of the besieged population, preventing the transportation of essential food items. Gunship helicopters and artillery relentlessly shell and bombard the general population, leading to widespread repercussions and adverse effects on the affected communities.”Owing to the military siege and travel restrictions, we encounter challenges in obtaining comprehensive information and understanding the current situation.”

He said that the Pakistani army has encircled the residence of an individual named ‘Alian’ in the Shaban area of Sibi, located adjacent to Bolan. Women and children have been placed under their custody. Additionally, in the neighboring region of Dhadar, the Pakistan Army has apprehended and forcibly disappeared the women and children of the herdsman ‘Malay’ along with his relatives. The homes of all these individuals have also been set ablaze.

The spokesperson emphasized that a humanitarian crisis has unfolded as a result of the Pakistani army’s brutality during the nine-day military onslaught. Military personnel are employing captured women as shields in the war. The populace is facing a dire situation with depleted food stocks and an urgent need for medical supplies. Meanwhile, the actual count of enforced disappearances and victims of military violence remains unknown.

He added that the residents of Bolan and neighboring areas are primarily engaged in the livestock and agriculture sector. However, the state has dispossessed the people by seizing their livestock.

The spokesperson asserted that Pakistan is engaged in war crimes against the Baloch nation, employing a strategy of collective punishment. This aggression against innocent people aims to compel the Baloch nation to abandon its resistance and movement.

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