BLA Claims Responsibility for the Quetta and Turbat attacks

Jiand Baloch, spokesman of the Baloch Liberation Army, said that our Sarmachars targeted an informer in Turbat and the occupied Pakistani Eagle Force in Quetta, in two different attacks.

BLA Sarmachars today targeted Pakistan Eagle Force in a remote controlled IED attack near Excise Office on Quetta Sariab Road. The assailants targeted two motorcycle-riding officials, as a result of which they suffered losses.

Jiand Baloch said that our operatives shot and killed Abid s/o Pirbakhsh a resident of Kaushk Buleda, an operative of the Pakistani intelligence agency MI while operating in Turbat Dashti Bazar last night. After surrendering to the occupying forces in 2018, Abid Pir Bakhsh started reporting against the Baloch movement on the parole of the occupying forces. The said agent was directly involved in supporting the occupying army in military operations while carrying out intelligence work in other areas including Turbat in disguise.

Baloch Liberation Army claimed the responsibility of these two attacks and said that our action against the occupying Pakistani army and its partners will continue.

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News Editor

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