BNM Germany Chapter stages demonstration in solidarity with Islamabad long march

Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter staged a demonstration on 6th of January in solidarity with the long march against Baloch Genocide and for the families of Baloch Missing Persons.In this protest, members of Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter participated and a huge number of Baloch from diaspora in Germany also participated. Pamphlet were distributed highlighting the gross human rights violation in Balochistan carried out by Pakistani security forces and use of force against the peaceful long march against Baloch genocide. Abdul Rehman, the ex finance secretary of Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter and Hassan Baloch hosted the event. Hammal Khan, the Central Committee member of Baloch National Movement while addressing to the demonstrator said, “ this movement which started in Turbat after the fake encounter of Balach Mola Bakhsh is not for one individual or some families. Rather it is for entire Baloch nation. Because any movement is not for an individual nor a particular area or belong to a party; movement in reality belongs to entire nation. It is national sense of belonging that contacts us, no matter how far we are away from our motherland.”Hammal Khan added, “ it is also our sense of belonging that today we are here and trying our to be the voice of our people. He also warned, “the day when we distance ourselves from national sense of belonging, it would be harbinger of our death as diaspora.”Asghar Ali, the President of Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter said that as man might be we cannot feel the pain of those mother, sister and daughter whose loved ones are missing from years. But a women can feel those pain of the families of the forcibly disappeared persons. He in this regard applauded the roles of Baloch women in organising such a powerful movement. He in this regard quoted The mother of Zakir Majeed, the leader of Baloch Student Organization Azad who was abducted in 2009 said, “”I know, till I am alive, may be I won’t get my son, Zakir Jan back. But I’ll keep participating in demonstrations, because when I leave this world, then someone can show my these pictures to Zakir Jan and says him, Look! Your mother kept struggling for you till she was alive”Samul Baloch, The vice president of Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter categorically expressed her views, “media might not show the truth of the misery, the pens of their journalists might be bloody of the baloch nation, the so called politicians might be blind and deaf, the world might be ignorant of the hopes and despair of baloch people but we will scream until the world is forced to listen, until the world can no longer turn a blind eye on us. Until the voices of baloch sisters and mothers echo in their sleeps.”She added further, “Until we show them what balochs are built of. We the son and daughters of Balach and chakar, we the nation from mountain and dessert. We will show you. The opresser that we will never be silent. We will never fear you. Balochistan will keep giving birth to our Kareema, Mahrungs and Samis to Remind you of our resilience and strength.”Shar Hassan the joint secretary of Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter said that Pakistan is a ruthless state which had no regards for human rights. Pakistan only believes in violence and it’s policies are colonial in nature. The human rights violations in Balochistan is in peak where security forces turned Balochistan into a extended prison. And in Pakistan speaking for human rights is a crime and those who speak for it would be treated as terrorist.”Sadiq Saeed, a member of Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter thanked the participants of the demonstration and he said that our purpose is to express our solidarity with the long march for the families of Baloch Missing Persons. He added that the families of massing persons marched from Turbat to Islamabad for the safe recovery of their loved ones. But Pakistani media and state sponsored journalists make fun of their pain and agonies. He rightly said, “if someone animal goes missing, he or she would do all way to find it and Baloch mother, sister and daughter have lost their loved ones those been forcibly disappeared for years and when they questioned for the safe recovery of their loved they met with harassment, arrest and torture.”Badal Khan, unit secretary of NRW unit, “said that the purpose of our today’s demonstration is to express solidarity with the families of Baloch Missing Persons. As we know people have been forcibly disappeared and suffering torture for years long. But the attitude of Pakistani forces are even same with their families. When they marched to Islamabad the were received with water cannons, arrest and torture.”Safia Manzoor, the member of Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter addressed, “The United Nations, as the global guardian of human rights, must not turn a blind eye to the atrocities taking place in Balochistan. The principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights must be upheld, and the international community must stand in solidarity with the Baloch people. It is imperative that the UN investigates the human rights violations in Balochistan and holds the responsible parties accountable for their actions.”Bakhtawar Baloch stated, “The current protest in Islamabad is a continuation of the Turbat sit-in which started on 23rd of November 2023, after the murder of Balach Mola Buksh along with three others previously abducted Baloch youth in a staged encounter at the hands of the CTD.Pakistani military have been directly involved in Baloch Genocide and the so-called democratic government of Pakistan along with Media and Judiciary have failed to stop the killings of civilians in Balochistan.”Salma Baloch in her speech said, Balochistan has grappled with a violent insurgency for the last two decades, resulting in numerous forced disappearances and bodies being dumped along roadsides. Caught between radical exploiting the province’s resources and the military combating these groups, Baloch families await news on their missing loved ones.”Felix, Social activist expressed his solidarity with the long march for the forcibly disappeared persons and he also condemned the use of force against the peaceful long march of Baloch activists in Islamabad. In the program Asif Baloch and Adil Gwahram also delivered speeches. At the ended of demonstration Asghar Ali, the President of Baloch National Movement thanked all participants and vowed to keep their struggle for the people of Balochistan.

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