BNM will Observe occupation day 27 March as Black Day, Organizes Protest in Germany, UK and Netherlands

On March 27, Balochistan was forcibly occupied by Pakistan. In commemorating this event, the Baloch National Movement (BNM) will observe Black Day, denouncing the annexation. Protests will be held in various countries including Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands.

The spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement has emphasized that the Baloch nation firmly rejects this act of forced annexation of Balochistan by Pakistan. March 27 marks the tragic day of the Pakistani occupation of Balochistan, and it will be observed as Black Day. Chapters and Zones of BNM will organize protests against this occupation.

The series of protests by BNM will commence in Germany, with a demonstration scheduled at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on March 23 at 1 a.m. local time.On March 24, a protest will take place at Dam Square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from one to two o’clock local time. Additionally, a rally will be held to raise awareness among the local populace about the situation in Balochistan.On March 27, a protest is scheduled at Piccadilly Garden in Manchester, UK. Protesters will assemble at the site from 2 to 4 pm local time.BNM’s Shaheed Rashid Awaran-Mashkay Zone branch will organize an event on March 27 aimed at training members and raising awareness about the significance of the day. Members can also participate online. This program will commence at 7 p.m. local time.

The spokesperson emphasized that Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan remains a persistent wound on the Baloch nation. This day will forever be etched in the memory of the Baloch nation. Until independence is achieved, the day will be remembered and resistance will persist. It will continue to be commemorated as ‘Black Day’ to underscore the ongoing struggle for freedom.

He further stated that the atrocities committed against the Baloch nation in the past 76 years in an attempt to suppress their resistance cannot be ignored. Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan lies at the root of the region’s problems, hindering the prosperity and development of the Baloch nation. The Baloch nation refuses to accept the subjugation imposed by Pakistan and the forced annexation of Balochistan.

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