Gwadar Flood Victims Need Urgent Help. BYC

The Central spokesperson of the Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) stated that the flood in Gwadar resulted from the so-called megaproject and wrong infrastructural policies. Over the past two decades, state institutions have deliberately adopted misguided infrastructural policies in the name of a megaproject, altering the map of Gwadar city. Consequently, Gwadar now faces natural disasters like floods, and owners of this city for centuries are now homeless and living under the open sky.

Despite Pakistan’s claim to develop Gwadar akin to Singapore and Dubai, the state has failed to provide machinery to drain floodwater. The flood water remained inside the city and houses for more than 72 hours, but the state machinery did not come to help the people. Finally, the citizens helped themselves to remove the flood water from the city to a large extent and still, the citizens are draining water from the city and helping each other without state support.

The spokesperson urged climate activists and global human rights organizations to raise their voices against the destruction caused by so-called development projects and erroneous infrastructural policies in Gwadar. Silence on this issue today may expose the entire Balochistan, including Gwadar, to more dangerous disasters in the future. The BYC hopes that climate activists worldwide will advocate for the issues of climate change and misguided infrastructural policies linked to so-called megaprojects in Balochistan.

BYC leader Dr. Mahrang Baloch and colleagues are in Gwadar, reporting a dire situation. Floods have severely impacted Gwadar and surrounding areas, causing substantial hardships for the natives. After assessing the situation, BYC emphasizes the urgent need for dewatering machines, doctors, nursing staff, medicine, temporary shelters, and food in Gwadar.

In this challenging time, a global appeal is made to people, including those in Balochistan, to come forward and help the people of Gwadar instead of relying solely on state assistance.

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