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Welcome to the visual journey encapsulating the fervent advocacy for Balochistan’s independence during the 55th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

On March 12, 2024, the Baloch National Movement (BNM) orchestrated a compelling campaign echoing the Baloch nation’s resolute demand for liberation from Pakistan’s occupation.

᛫ Amidst the serene backdrop of Geneva, the iconic Broken Chair served as the poignant setting for a powerful protest, emblematic of the unwavering spirit of the Baloch nation. BNM Chairman Dr. Naseem Baloch and other impassioned speakers galvanized the gathering, amplifying the voices of those yearning for freedom.

᛫ The essence of the campaign was further illuminated through a thought-provoking photo exhibition, where luminaries such as Jamal Baloch, the media coordinator of Paank, Hatim Baloch, a member of BNM’s central committee, and Niaz Zehri, the deputy coordinator of BNM’s foreign department. , shed light on Balochistan’s plight through compelling dialogues with Zrumbesh News.

᛫ Additionally, the live program featured insightful discussions led by BNM UK Chapter President Manzoor Baloch, alongside Haji Naseer and Hammal, members of BNM’s central committee, who articulated the aspirations of the Baloch nation with unwavering resolve.

᛫ The images captured depict BNM members and impassioned participants fervently spreading awareness about Balochistan’s struggle for self-determination. Against the backdrop of the Human Rights Office in Geneva, vibrant hues of Balochistan’s culture and heritage were unfurled, symbolizing the indomitable spirit of a nation yearning to be free.

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