Baloch National Movement (BNM) organized a protest in Manchester, United Kingdom, on the occasion of Balochistan Occupy Day. On March 27, 1948, Balochistan was occupied by Pakistan, and BNM members and supporters joined the demonstration to mark Black Day. Despite the peaceful demonstration, a Pakistani citizen attempted to disrupt it […]

On 27th March 1948 newborn Pakistani state attacked and forcefully annexed the sovereign Baloch state on gunpoint, since the occupation of Balochistan in 1948 Baloch have been observing the 27th March as a black day. From the very day of forcible occupation, the Baloch resistance movement has started and it […]

Amsterdam: On March 27, in observance of Black Day against the forced occupation of Balochistan, the Baloch National Movement organized a protest and rally in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Protestors brandished placards and banners denouncing the occupation of Balochistan, adorned with various slogans advocating for Balochistan’s freedom and condemning the forced occupation. […]

Baloch National Movement’s Germany Chapter staged a protest in Berlin, observing March as the black day when the Pakistan Army marched on March 27th, 1948, and forcibly annexed Balochistan. Since then, the people of Balochistan have rejected Pakistan and resisted Pakistani occupation. During the event, participants distributed pamphlets and informed […]

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