The Baloch National Movement’s (BNM) Human Rights Department, PAANK, has released a detailed report on the human rights situation in Balochistan in March 2024. The report highlights forced disappearances and extrajudicial killings, protests against forced disappearances in Kech, Gwadar, Jhao, Sorab, and Mastung, as well as extrajudicial killings of individuals […]

On the occasion of the martyrdom of the martyrs of Murgaap, the first program of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) under the title of ‘Educational and Revolutionary Organization’ was organized in Mashkay Chapter, in which members of various units of the Mashkay, Awaran and Panjgur chapter participated. In the program, […]

According to a detailed statement released by Jaish al-Adal, the attacks, which took place on Wednesday, April 5th, resulted in casualties among Iranian forces, with over 200 military personnel reportedly killed. The group also acknowledged the loss of 18 of its own members during the operations. The coordinated assaults targeted […]

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