Paank focuses on the protection and promotion of human rights in Balochistan by conducting Investigative documentary at 55th UN HR Council Session

Paank is the human rights department of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), which aims to raise awareness and promote human rights in Balochistan.

Paank focuses on the protection and promotion of human rights in Balochistan by conducting investigations, documenting human rights abuses, and advocating for change. The basic rights of indigenous Baloch are being continuously violated since 1948. The Pakistani state forces have been carrying out the policy of Genocide through military operations. As a result of these brutal operations, thousands of Baloch were killed, forcefully disappeared, and thousands were forced to escape from their hometowns and became IDPs and Refugees. Despite efforts to seek political solutions, the Pakistan Army’s response to the Baloch movement has involved a violent crackdown, leading to the killing and disappearance of thousands of Baloch political leaders and other activists. Sadly, many of those who went missing later turned up dead, frequently exhibiting signs of torture on their bodies.

The People of Balochistan have been en_during to an increasing extent of Pakistan’s state oppression for the last two decades.

State forces have been perpetrating multiple human rights violations on daily basis with complete impunity.The occurrences of staged encounters targeting innocent civilians in Balochistan is deeply concerning and troubling, where individuals are being subjected to enforced disappearance by Pakistani security forces and intelligence agencies and later killed in fake encounters.

Mostly the fake encounters are claimed by counter-terrorist department of police, who declare them as terrorists. It has been observed that both the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) and the Pakistan Army have a documented history of involvement in staged encounters of innocent individuals in fabricated cases.

According to the United Nations Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances report of 2016, stated that in Balochistan, more than 14,000 people were missing.Paank has confirmed that at least 75 people were extrajudicially killed and 576 people have been forcibly disappeared in Balochistan last year of 2023.

In last two months of this year Jan and Feb 24, 72 cases of enforced disappearances been reported and 16 civilians have been extra judicially killed. But the very sad part is that the Human rights groups, International media are not allowed to visit Balochistan, and the local media is also being forced not to cover the stories of Pakistani atrocities. This is the reason that, still Balochistan and the voice of its peace-loving people is unheard.

If the violation of human rights and these atrocities continues with impunity in Balochistan and no solid steps were taken to stop it, then it would not just turn Balochistan an epicenter of violence, but will surely be harmful for the peace in the region. This is the responsibly of the powerful institutions, HR bodies and countries in the world who are aware of these atrocities, human rights violations, and war crimes in Balochistan, and yet still hesitant in confronting Pakistan.Balochistan and its indigenous people need your support and your support can save thousands of lives.

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News Editor

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