BNM Representative Urges UK Parliamentarians to Elevate Balochistan Issue, Calls for Advocacy and Bans on Pakistan

The issue of (forcibly) missing persons is a grave humanitarian concern.

Niaz Zehri, Deputy Coordinator of the Baloch National Movement’s Department of Foreign Affairs, emphasized during his address at the conference in the UK Parliament that The Baloch nation, having realised long ago that its rights could not be secured within the Pakistani state, has opposed the occupation since its inception.

Strongly condemning the arrest of Manzoor Pashteen, he called for immediate release, stating, “I wish to highlight the illegal detention of Manzoor Pashteen, a true and vocal voice of the oppressed nations.” He urged the gathering to advocate for Pashteen’s release and an end to the unjust detainment of those championing the rights of the oppressed.

Supporting the struggles for self-determination and basic rights of oppressed nations, he said Our party staunchly supports the struggles for self-determination and basic rights of all oppressed nations. We extend our solidarity to the Kashmiri, Pashtun, and Sindhi people in their indigenous struggle against the injustices imposed by the Pakistani state.

The event, organized by the United Kashmir People’s National Party and hosted by British Parliament member Richard Burgon, drew participation from prominent members of the Parliament, including former opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, Fabian Hamilton, Catherine West, Hilary Benn, and Tahir Ali. A distinguished delegation from the United Kashmir People’s National Party, headed by Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, also attended the conference. Sindhi nationalist leader Dr. Lakho Lohana and representatives of other subjugated nations addressed the conference, shedding light on Pakistani atrocities against these oppressed communities.

In his conference address, Niaz Zehri stated: I stand before you as a representative of the Baloch National Movement, joining hands with the United Kashmir People’s National Party in addressing the critical issues at the heart of our nations. The title of today’s event, “Forced Division and Injustices in Jammu and Kashmir: Strategic for Redressing Historical Conflict,” underscores the urgency and gravity of the matters we discuss.

The event,hosted by British Parliament member Richard Burgon

Addressing ongoing atrocities, he highlighted the persistent actions of the Pakistan army in Balochistan, stating, Throughout history, the Baloch nation has faced four military aggressions, and today, we find ourselves in the midst of the fifth. However, I am proud to declare that from little Fatima Baloch to elder Mayar Baloch, every Baloch stands firm in their dedication to the cause of justice and self-determination. Our sisters and mothers, with unwavering bravery, lead the struggle alongside their brothers, proving that the fight for freedom knows no gender.

Our party staunchly supports the struggles for self-determination and basic rights of all oppressed nations-Niaz Zehri

” It is an undeniable truth that oppressed nations always give birth to brave sons and daughters. Today, Dr. Mahrang Baloch and Sammi Deen embody the face of resistance not only in Balochistan but also across Pakistan, earning popularity among oppressed communities.”

The Deputy Coordinator of BNM’s Foreign Affairs Department further added, As we convene here, the families of Baloch (forcibly) missing persons brave the harsh weather of Islamabad, enduring state atrocities while demanding the safe recovery of their loved ones. The issue of (forcibly) missing persons is a grave humanitarian concern, and it is disheartening that, instead of addressing it, the state stoops low by defaming female leaders of the march. Moreover, they have staged a camp with their death squad leaders opposite the Baloch protesters, seeking to harass and terrorise them. The international community must address this condemnable act.

Speaking to the UK Parliament members, he said, I appeal to the Members of Parliament present today to take this serious issue to the floor of this esteemed institution and demand action against Pakistan. The families of the (forcibly) missing persons deserve justice, and their voices must not be silenced through intimidation and persecution.

He concluded by emphasizing the need for a unified struggle: let us unite in our commitment to justice, human rights, and the fundamental freedoms that every individual deserves. Together, we can amplify the voices of the oppressed and work towards a world where no one has to endure the pain of injustice.

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