Quetta – Police use Violence, Several Protesters Arrests, the Protesters Reorganise and March to Red zone.

After Quetta police brutality, baton charge and arrest of several protesters on the participants of the protest rally for the recovery of Zaheer Ahmed in Quetta, a complete Shutter-down and Wheel jam in Sariyab road, while the protesters have reorganised and left for the red zone, the police ambushed the protesters. Tear gas and firing were also used, in which women and children were also injured.

People have closed Saryab Road and Shutter-down in protest against police violence.

On the other hand, the protestors have regrouped, a large number of people are currently participating in the rally and heading towards the red zone, the protestors are raising slogans against the force’s violence and enforced disappearances.

As per your information that the relatives of Zaheer Baloch have been continuously protesting against the enforced disappearance of Zaheer Baloch for the past ten days.

The leader of Baloch Yakjahti Committee, Dr. Mah Rang Baloch, and other political and social activists are participating in the rally. Dr. Baloch has appealed to the people of Quetta to participate in the protest.

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