BLA announces completion of Operation “ZirPahazag” Phase Five, And Claims killing of more than 30 enemy personnel

Jeeyand Baloch, Spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army released a detailed statement to media stating that the “Majeed Brigade of Baloch Liberation Army, in the fifth phase of Operation ZirPahazag, last night at ten o’clock, attacked the occupied army’s Naval Airbase PNS Siddique, engaging the enemy till morning and successfully achieving the objectives of the operation by killing more than thirty enemy soldiers. While bringing the operation to its culmination, four martyrs of Majeed Brigade, adhering to the philosophy of the last bullet, embraced martyrdom with their last bullets. The purpose of this operation was to protect the CPEC project, to seize the loot of the Baloch coast, and to retaliate against ongoing Baloch genocide.

He added “To bring the fifth phase of Operation ZirPahazag of Majeed Brigade to completion, four valiant martyrs of Majeed Brigade, including Operation Commander Ayub alias Doda, Khalif alias Islam, Wajid alias Nodan, and Murad alias Farhad, broke through the strong security barricade of the enemy army’s Naval Airbase PNS Siddique and entered successfully. Upon entry, the martyrs neutralized one enemy bunker and destroyed two drones of the enemy army. Baloch martyrs continued to engage the enemy army for eight hours, during which they succeeded in killing more than thirty enemy soldiers. When the ammunition ran out, all four fighters embraced martyrdom with their last bullets.

Baloch Liberation Army’s spokesperson said to received significant support from Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar (BRAS) in this operation. BRAS played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this operation.

The Commander of the Operation ZirPahazag’s Phase 5, Martyr Sangat Ayub alias Doda, son of Muhammad Ayub, belonged to the Kour-e-Pusht area of Balochistan’s Buleda. In his youth, he was an active worker of the Baloch Student Organisation (BSO) and was engaged in unarmed struggle for freedom. In 2017, he was forcfully disappeared by the enemy army. He endured tortures in enemy army’s torture cells for over two years. His ideology and hatred towards occupiers grew stronger in enemy’s prisons. After his release, in 2019, he joined the armed struggle against Baloch national opression. In 2020, he voluntarily rendered his services to BLA Majeed Brigade. He was a brave and skilled guerrilla fighter.

Martyr Sangat Khaleef alias Aslam, son of Qadir Bakhsh, resident of Jhao, Awaran, voluntarily rendered his services to BLA Majeed Brigade in 2019, while being associated with Baloch national armed struggle since 2018. Martyr Khaleef was a poet of the Balochi language and a committed member of freedom movement.

Martyr Sangat Wajdad alias Nodan, son of Saheb Dad, belonged to the Kour-e-Pusht area of Buleda. Martyr Wajdad was actively engaged in mobilizing the youth through BSO’s plateform since 2011 and was a non-violent political worker for independence. He was forcibly disappeared by the occupying Pakistani army and intelligence agencies in 2017 and kept in torture cells for two years. After his release, in 2020, he opted for armed struggle and continued to confront the enemy on multiple fronts, and eventually, he voluntarily rendered his services to BLA Majeed Brigade and embraced martyrdom in the final battle of his life.

Martyr Sangat Murad Hasil alias Farhad, son of Peer Muhammad, resident of Kour-e-Pusht, Buleda, initiated armed struggle against Baloch national operession in 2021and right away, voluntarily rendered his services to BLA Majeed Brigade. He was a political scholar and skilled guerrilla fighter.

The Baloch freedom fighters have a passion for their land, their nation, and their freedom, that they enter the enemy’s strongholds, sacrificing their lives, to challenge the powerful enemy state for hours. The goal of Fidayeen is not merely to return alive, but to achieve their goal at the cost of their lives, and this goal is not individual but national. When a nation reaches the threshold of sacrifice and commitment, the enemy, no matter how powerful, faces defeat.

This philosophy of sacrifice is so powerful that just four Baloch freedom fighters, by infiltrating into an extremely secure enemy stronghold, challenged the enemy state for hours, chipping away at its control. These were just four fidayees; currently, there are hundreds of trained men and women fidayees in the ranks of Majeed Brigade, who are always ready to strike effective blows against the enemy. If the occupying Pakistani state and its Chinese collaborator want to avoid further bloodshed, the Pakistani occupying army still has the opportunity to get a peaceful exit from Balochistan by providing a roadmap, otherwise, Baloch freedom fighters will continue to attack every stronghold of the enemy.

The Baloch Liberation Army also conveyed this clear message to China before that it should refrain from trade agreements related to Balochistan as long as it remains under the occupation of Pakistan. The Baloch nation will consider any commercial projects, such as CPEC, as plundering Baloch resources and will continue to use all its strength to obstruct them. Not only is China complicit in looting Baloch resources by colluding with occupying Pakistan, but it is also involved in suppressing the Baloch movement by providing military and economic assistance to the occupying Pakistani army. If China does not stop its exploitative projects in Balochistan and does not cease its support to the occupying Pakistani army in Baloch genocide, the Baloch Liberation Army reserves the right to launch severe attacks on illegal Chinese settlements and projects in Balochistan.

Baloch Liberation Army has once again reiterated its determination to continue its attacks with full readiness until complete withdrawal of the occupier Pakistan from Balochistan.

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