BLA Claims Responsibility for eliminating 7 Enemy Personnel in Panjgur and Qalat, One Sarmachar Sangat Chakar Martyrs

Jeeyand Baloch, the spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army said in a media statement that “In Panjgoor and Qalat, attacks by Baloch Liberation Army Sarmachars on Pakistani forces resulted in the deaths of seven enemy personnel and the martyrdom of a comrade Sangat Chakar, alias Tabish.

Jeeyand Baloch claimed that” BLA’s Sarmachar targeted security posts of the occupying Pakistani forces in the central camp of Johan area of Qalat with rocket attacks and automatic weapons on the night of March 20. At least two enemy personnel were killed on the spot and several others were wounded in the attack.

In another operation, BLA fighters attacked Pakistani military post in Rakhshan river area of Panjgoor with rockets and heavy weapons, resulting in the death of two enemy personnel on duty, while the enemy suffered further casualties in terms of lives and property.Martyr Sangat Chakar, alias Tabish, son of Liyaqat, a resident of Panjgoor, Khuda Badan, was martyred in a fierce clash with the occupying Pakistani forces in Gichk Kahn area on the night of the March 20.

Martyr Chakar had been associated with the Baloch Liberation Army for the past four years. After clashing with the occupying forces in urbans, he was transferred to mountainous areas under organizational decisions. Martyr Chakar Tabish conducted several successful attacks on enemy forces in the Keelkor, Gichk, Awaran areas, Mashkay and Washuk.

Martyr Sangat Chakar Tabish, along with his comrades, was on a mission when they encountered the occupying Pakistani forces on the night of March 20, initiating a confrontation between BLA fighters and the enemy forces.In the last for an hour, three enemy personnel were killed and numerous were injured, while Sangat Chakar himself sustained severe injuries during the battle. Despite being wounded, he ensured the safe passage of his remaining comrades and obstructed the enemy’s advancement, ultimately choosing martyrdom by adhering to the philosophy of the last bullet.

Baloch Liberation Army pays tribute to the great sacrifice of martyr Sangat Chakar and reaffirms its determination to bring the noble mission of the martyrs to accomplishment soon.

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