BNM Netherlands marks March 27 Black day, Calls for Global Attention to stop Baloch Genocide

Amsterdam: On March 27, in observance of Black Day against the forced occupation of Balochistan, the Baloch National Movement organized a protest and rally in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Protestors brandished placards and banners denouncing the occupation of Balochistan, adorned with various slogans advocating for Balochistan’s freedom and condemning the forced occupation. Additionally, informational pamphlets were distributed to raise awareness among locals about the situation in Balochistan.

Addressing the gathering, speakers reiterated their unwavering commitment to the cause, echoing Dr. Allah Nizar’s sentiment that the Baloch struggle for independence will persist until justice is achieved.

They emphasized March 27, 1948, as a tragic day in Baloch history, marking 75 years of resistance against oppression.Describing March 27, 1948, as a dark day in Baloch history, they highlighted the enduring struggle against Pakistan’s illegal occupation, calling for global solidarity to address ongoing human rights violations in Balochistan.

The speakers underscored the resilience of the Baloch nation in the face of injustice, emphasizing their ongoing resistance against illegal occupation.

They also brought attention to the economic exploitation of Balochistan’s resources by Pakistan. Collectively, they urged the United Nations, the European Union, and other international bodies to intervene and investigate the human rights situation in Balochistan, urging the global community to stand in solidarity with the Baloch nation in their quest for freedom and justice.

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