The evil state of Pakistan has deprived the freedom of Baloch in the name of Islam – BNM UK Chapter Protest in Manchester city

Baloch National Movement (BNM) organized a protest in Manchester, United Kingdom, on the occasion of Balochistan Occupy Day. On March 27, 1948, Balochistan was occupied by Pakistan, and BNM members and supporters joined the demonstration to mark Black Day.

Despite the peaceful demonstration, a Pakistani citizen attempted to disrupt it by using hateful language against the participants. However, the protesters maintained their composure and continued their peaceful protest.Addressing the participants, BNM leaders reiterated their commitment to a peaceful struggle for freedom and justice. They urged the international community to focus on the Balochistan issue and support the legitimate demands of the Baloch nation.

The speakers emphasized that the evil state of Pakistan has deprived the Baloch of their freedom in the name of Islam, violating laws and targeting innocent people, looting homes, and inflicting torture. For 76 years, Balochistan has endured significant losses, with basic civic needs denied and human rights violated. The silence of human rights activists in response to Baloch calls for justice is deeply troubling.

During the peaceful demonstration, a Pakistani citizen attempted to disrupt it, inciting unrest through threats. However, local law enforcement swiftly intervened to ensure the safety of the protesters, apprehending the individual causing the disturbance.

Expressing gratitude, Information Secretary of Baloch National Movement Qazi Dad Mohammad Rehan commended the Manchester Police for ensuring the security of the protestors, highlighting the threats faced by Baloch political activists abroad.Similarly, BNM’s official Twitter account extended thanks to Manchester Police officers for their role in ensuring security during the protest.

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