Slavery Eradicates Nation’s Existence – BNM Mashkay-Awaran Event

An event was organized by the Baloch National Movement (BNM) Mashkay-Awaran Zone to commemorate ‘March 27 Black Day’, with participation both in person and online.On this occasion, the speakers stated that Pakistan invaded and occupied Balochistan on March 27, 1948. That day was a black day for the Baloch nation.

On the same day, the Baloch nation continues to fight against slavery.They remarked that not only is this particular day dark, but every day under slavery casts a shadow. Many Baloch were martyred or forcibly disappeared in the defensive war. Relatives of the forced disappeared are compelled to flee their homelands in search of their loved ones or to live as refugees. These are the repercussions of slavery.

Addressing the event, they emphasized that every living being desires freedom, asserting it as the fundamental right of every human being. They stressed that individuals fight for their freedom with unwavering determination. Conquered nations suffer the loss of their existence, including language and identity.

They further stated that the Baloch did not acquiesce to slavery upon their initial subjugation; instead, they have persistently fought for over twenty years to regain their freedom. Thousands have sacrificed their lives in this struggle. The Baloch have shown resilience throughout this prolonged conflict and remain steadfast in their determination to reclaim their land.

The event was organized under the supervision of Deputy Secretary Sagaar. Speakers included BNM Central Senior Joint Secretary Kamal Baloch, Central Committee Member Chief Muhammad Aslam, former Central Committee Member Dr. Khudabakhsh, Organizer BNM Shaheed Rashid zone Mehran, secretary Zuhra, Editor of Zrumbesh Balochi Sarbaz Wafa.

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