Memorial Events Organized by BNM Awaran-Mashkay, Kech-Gwadar Zone, and Center to Mark the Eighth Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Dr. Mannan and Colleagues

Manan Jan is still guiding us today because of his thinking and role.

On January 30, BNM’s Awaran-Mashkay zone and Kech-Gwadar zone conducted commemorative programs to honor Shaheed Dr. Mannan Baloch and his martyred comrades—Ashraf Baloch, Babu Nuroz, Hanif Baloch, and Sajid Baloch. Furthermore, on January 31, the Center orchestrated memorial events to solemnly pay tribute to their sacrifice and enduring legacy.

During the central program, BNM Chairman Dr. Naseem Baloch emphasized the pivotal role played by Shaheed Dr. Mannan in organizing the Baloch National Movement. Dr. Naseem Baloch expressed that Shaheed Dr. Mannan aspired to institutionalize the BNM, and if he were alive today to witness the diverse agencies within BNM, he would undoubtedly be filled with immense joy. Dr. Naseem Baloch further remarked that in the history of BNM, no chairman and Secretary General have surpassed the leadership demonstrated by Shaheed Waja Ghulam Muhammad and Shaheed Dr. Mannan.

Nevertheless, he emphasized that BNM is an ideological political party. While acknowledging the significant contributions of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammed, Shaheed Dr. Manan, and Shaheed Bank Karma as high-ranking personalities, he stressed the need to cultivate even greater figures within the party. The pursuit of freedom is an enduring journey, and the promotion of development remains a paramount goal.

BNM Secretary General Dil Murad highlighted that thanks to the contributions of figures like Shaheed Dr. Manan, the Baloch National Movement has steadfastly confronted a tyrannical army for the past 23 years. Even though sacrifices were made in the movement two decades ago, the intensity of the Baloch national question remained, but the movement did not reach its current stage. Analyzing this situation reveals that political institutions were lacking at that time. The strength of this 23-year movement lies in the fact that it now operates with institutions, echoing the principles held dear by personalities like Shaheed Dr. Mannan.

He highlighted that in the past, there was a parallel perspective that downplayed the significance of institutions. Some asserted that forming a group took precedence over organizing an institution, claiming that movements were driven by individual personalities rather than the organization itself. However, he noted that current understanding acknowledges the indispensable role of an organization in launching a successful movement. This realization underscores the success of the ideology championed by martyr Dr. Mannan and his colleagues.

In addition to the central program, Senior Joint Secretary Kamal Baloch and Secretary Information and Culture Qazi Dad Mohammad Rehan shared their perspectives. They lauded Shaheed Dr. Manan Baloch as a distinctive political leader who not only contributed significantly to shaping awareness but also effectively conveyed the message of the national movement to every village in Balochistan. His outreach extended even to the housewives residing in Gidans (Tents), successfully transforming them into active participants in the movement. By engaging with people and instilling a sense of identity, he fostered a strong connection between individuals and the national movement.

Jehand Baloch, Deputy Organizer of the Shaheed Anwar Advocate Zone (Kech-Gwadar), assumed the role of program announcer during the central event.

Manan Jan is still guiding us today because of his thinking and role.

In addition to the central program, on January 30, BNM organized a commemorative ceremony in the Shaheed Rashid Zone (Awaran-Mashkay) and Shaheed Anwar Advocate Zone (Gwadar). The event featured speeches from BNM Senior Joint Secretary Kamal Baloch, Secretary Information and Culture Qazi Rehan, Central Committee Member Chief Aslam, Zonal President Ustaad Mehran, Zrumbesh Balochi News Editor Sarbaz Wafa, Zrumbesh Brahui Editor Farhan Baloch, Zonal Vice President Talaar Baloch, and Zonal Finance Secretary Merak Baloch. The program was hosted by Zonal General Secretary Zohra Baloch.

The program speakers said that Manan Jan is still guiding us today because of his thinking and role.

The speakers emphasized that Manan Jan continues to guide us today through his enduring thoughts and impactful role.

Another program was orchestrated by BNM Shaheed Anwar Advocate Zone (Kech-Gwadar), featuring addresses from BNM Vice Chairman Dr. Jalal Baloch, Secretary Information and Culture Qazi Dad Mohammad Rehan, former BNM Central Committee member Mohammad Yousuf Baloch, Kech-Gwadar Zone Organizer Baba GR, Secretary of Shaheed Arif Noor Unit Zenal Baloch, Shaheed Dr. Hamid Unit Secretary Dr. Rahim Baloch, and senior party member Mama Anwar Baloch. Muhammad Yusuf Baloch chaired the program, and Deputy Organizer Jehand Baloch fulfilled the role of moderator.

The speakers underscored that Shaheed Dr. Manan Jan was dedicated to advancing the organizational process, evident in his visits to every corner of Balochistan. He consistently emphasized the importance of education, secrecy, and honesty in the pursuit of freedom. His teachings instilled in us the courage to face our struggles without fear.

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