In a Protest, BNM Germany urges international community to address Pakistan’s war Crimes

The United Nations has dispatched a mission to inquire into significant human rights violations in Balochistan.

Baloch National Movement (Germany Chapter) (NRW Unit) on 10 February held a protest in Trier Rhineland Palatinate Germany. The protest held was against Baloch Genocide and Fake Encounters by Pakistani forces.

Jabbar Baloch the Secretary-General of the Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter said we are Protesting against Baloch Genocide, Human Rights violations in Balochistan, and Fake Encounters and request the international community take action against Pakistani war crimes in Balochistan. He added that the UN should send a mission to investigate the grave human rights violations in Balochistan committed by Pakistani security forces on daily basis.

Badal Baloch the Unit secretary of NRW said the Pakistan Army committed human rights violations through the channel of the Counter terrorism department of Police (CTD) and local death squad operatives.

He added that the international community must closely monitor developments related to these fake encounters, urging authorities to conduct impartial investigations and hold those responsible accountable. Only through a transparent and just process can we hope to address the grievances arising from these deeply troubling events and work toward preventing similar tragedies in the future.

Safia Manzoor, a member of the Baloch National Movement said, “In Balochistan, countless cases of enforced disappearances have been reported, particularly targeting activists, journalists, and individuals advocating for the rights of the Baloch nation. These individuals are often snatched away from their families, held in undisclosed locations, and denied any legal process or access to their loved ones.”

She continued, “The impact of enforced disappearances extends far beyond the individuals who are directly affected. Families are left in anguish, not knowing the fate of their loved ones and living in constant fear. Human rights organizations have been tirelessly advocating for an end to these disappearances and for those responsible to be held accountable.”

Asif Baloch while speaking to the participants said, “We are here peacefully protesting against the Baloch Genocide, Human Rights violations, and fake encounters of Baloch civilians at the hands of Pakistan Army and to show solidarity with the families of Baloch enforced disappeared persons and victims of these fake encounters.”

The United Nations has dispatched a mission to inquire into significant human rights violations in Balochistan.

Qasim Baloch shed light on the historical perspective of Balochistan and said, “Since the forceful annexation of Balochistan by Pakistan on 27 March 1948, Balochistan has been treated as a colony, and Pakistan Army has used brutal force to subjugate the people of Balochistan. Today thousands of Balochs from all walks of life be it students, teachers, doctors, or human rights activists have been victims of enforced disappearances are kept incommunicado and are facing torture for years in the secret detention centers of Pakistan’s military establishment. Their only crime was to raise their voices against injustices and demand basic human rights through democratic means since freedom is the birthright of every individual in a democratic society. But Pakistan has failed to adhere to democratic values and has repeatedly violated international laws with impunity and has shown no regard for human life.”

Sadiq Saeed Baloch an activist of the Baloch National Movement in his speech highlighted the human rights violations, enforced disappearances, and extrajudicial killings in Balochistan, and said, “We request all human rights organizations including the United Nations and European Union They should take action against the injustices in Balochistan because Pakistani army carrying out Enforced Disappearances and killing our people in fake encounters and People are denied the right to speak.”

Habib Baloch said, “In Balochistan, the state has been carrying out genocide for many decades. In 2009, by throwing the bodies of our leader Shaheed Ghulam Muhammad and his colleagues, the state brought forward the policy of kill and hang in this genocide and hundreds of political workers who were under the control of the state.”

He added that the silence of the international community on the ongoing genocide in Balochistan only emboldened the Pakistan Army and other law enforcement agencies to increase systemic Baloch genocide.

Ahmed Baloch while speaking about the families of forcibly disappeared persons and those whose loved ones were killed by the Pakistan Army in fake encounters said when these families come and ask for justice, instead of listening to their pleas, the Pakistani establishment on record baton charges them in cold nights and water cannons them. The families have been living most of their lives protesting on the roads, but the evil acts do not stop here, they have been conducting fake encounters of Baloch enforced disappeared persons and portraying them as terrorists”.

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