29 Health Centers Lacking in Tehsil Jahoo, Awaran, and Mashkay – BNM Social Welfare Department Report

The Department of Social Welfare of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) has compiled a report, expressing concern about the health situation in four tehsils – Jahoo, Awaran, and Mashkay – within the Awaran district.As per the report, within these four tehsils of the Awaran district, 29 health centers are reported to be semi-active, inactive, and lacking essential facilities.” Due to insufficient health facilities, even a minor illness can develop into a life-threatening situation. In emergencies necessitating the transfer of patients to Karachi or other cities, the diverse road conditions pose a substantial risk, resulting in patients succumbing during the journey.

“According to the report, Even in this modern era, Balochistan remains a colony within a developing country like Pakistan, where its people are forcibly pushed to the brink of death. On one hand, the state, with its entire machinery, is perpetrating mass atrocities against the people of Baloch society through the use of force. On the other hand, the death rate is on the rise due to the absence of necessities of life in Balochistan, a responsibility squarely laid on the shoulders of the state of Pakistan.

BNM urges the United Nations and other nations to recognize the widespread violation of human rights by Pakistan in Balochistan. If this pattern persists, Balochistan is poised to become a humanitarian crisis, requiring urgent international intervention to prevent further escalation.

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