385 Baloch freedom fighters, including 12 Fidayeen, participated in the operation. Eliminates 78 enemy personnel, BLA Claims

Baloch Liberation Army spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch while issuing a detail statement on “Operation Dara-e-Bolan” said ” BLA is ready to work with any nation against the common enemy for mutual benefit,Statement describes Mach Operation” Baloch Liberation Army’s two day long operation, that continued from 29 January 2024 to 31st January 2024, successfully accomplished all targeted goals. 385 freedom fighters, belonging to four different units of BLA, participated in the operation.

This included 12 fidayeen of Majeed Brigade, and the members of Fateh Squad, Special Tactical Operations Squad and the intelligence wing.Operation Dara-e-Bolan commenced at 9pm on 29th January 2024, and continued for two consecutive days. After achievement of all objectives, BLA’s Senior Command Council concluded the operation at 7pm on 31st January. At this point all units were ordered to report back to their base camps.

The valiant warriors of BLA secured control of an area spanning over a 70km radius, including town of Mach and the strategically important highway NH-65.BLA Claimed “In total 78 enemy personnel were eliminated during operation Dara-e-Bolan, out of which 45 were neutralised in the first 3 hours of the operation. 10 FC personnel were eliminated in an attack on a military camp in Peer Ghaib, Bolan. Four enemy personnel were killed in an attack on a military convoy in Gokurt. 12 personnel of Pakistani military were killed when BLA fighters stormed and entered the FC head quarters on 30th January. Five SSG Commandos were killed on 31 January by Baloch fidayeens. Two personnel of Police, including a SHO, were also killed in the attack. Though BLA arrested a large number of Levies and Police personnel during the operation, however, they were released on assurances that they will remain impartial. The SHO of Mach police tried to take benefit of BLA’s concession, therefore, he was punished.During operation Dara-e-Bolan, 13 valiant warriors of Baloch Liberation Army embraced martyrdom. This includes 12 fidayeen of BLA, whereas a member of Fateh Squad also made the ultimate sacrifice. All fidayeen had came to the battlefield to lay their lives for the motherland. These selfless warriors were successful in penetrating the FC headquarters and pinned down the enemy troops for two days. The details of these great sons of motherland will be released to media shortly.

Despite BLA taking control of a vast area of Bolan for two days, the enemy forces managed to martyr only one fighter of BLA. This confirms the professional military skills and capabilities of Baloch Liberation Army.Baloch Liberation Army had full support and backing from all organisations affiliated of Baloch Raji Aajoi Sangar during this operation. This coordination and unity will serve as a milestone in Baloch history.Operation Dara-e-Bolan had two primary objectives; the first objective was to show to the Baloch nation that BLA is fully capable to liberate a city of Baloch from Pakistani occupying forces and keep it in its control for two days. We want to tell our people that the occupying Pakistani forces are committing attrocities in Balochistan, and the path to get rid of occupiers is not through appeals, protests and human rights pleas. The Pakistani forces are not Baloch nation’s army to defend you, instead they are an occupying force, and to maintain their occupation they are not refraining from killing Baloch indiscriminately. The only medium for Baloch emancipation is its own Army, that can defend you against foreign invaders. Only your own military can get rid of enemy’s brutalities and guarantee your protection and liberty. Baloch Liberation Army is the legitimate army of Baloch nation, which has full rights and authority to fight Baloch nation’s war of independence and defend them against foreign invaders.BLA’s message to Baloch nation is that they should further strengthen Baloch Liberation Army by becoming part of it.

The Baloch nation should practically become part of BLA to force the enemy to withdraw from our motherland. If you cannot practically take part in this war of liberation, then you should support your national army politically, financially and diplomatically. At the least, you can become our voice and take our message to each household. Every Baloch now needs to contribute as per their capabilities as this is not the time to remain indifferent.We would like to give a clear message to the uncivilised enemy that your treatment of our Baloch mothers and sisters on the streets of Islamabad has not gone unnoticed. It would be your biggest mistake if you ever thought you can treat Baloch women the way you dishonoured the Bengali women. BLA and the whole Baloch nation are the protectors of Baloch women, and BLA will go to any extent to defend Baloch nation’s honour.The second objective of operation Dara-e-Bolan was to relay our message to the nations of the world. We want to inform the, that if BLA can execute an operation of this scale with its own resources then it can easily crush the occupying forces and force them to withdraw from Baloch motherland with support and help from other nations. Through this operation, we want to inform the institutions and nations that have mutual interests with Baloch nation that we are ready to work together against the common enemy.

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13 Freedom fighters sacrifices for success of Operation Dara-e-Bolan, 12 Martyrs were Fidayeen and one from Fateh Squad - BLA

Fri Feb 2 , 2024
In a detailed media statement released from “Hakkal Media” by Jeeyand Baloch, Spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army, here by quoting detailed statement “13 valiant fighters of Baloch Liberation Army made the ultimate sacrifice and set high examples of gallantry for the success of operation Dara-e-Bolan. 12 martyrs were fidayeen […]

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