BNM institutions set to commemoration programs on martyrdom day of Dr. Manan and colleagues, spokesperson

The spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement asserts that on the eighth anniversary of the martyrdom of Dr. Manan Baloch and colleagues, it is advised that all zones, chapters, and cell systems organize commemorative references and programs. Express your tribute to these esteemed leaders by utilizing the hashtag #MartyrsOfMastung on social media. Dr. Manan Baloch, alongside Babu Nowroz Baloch, Ashraf Baloch, Hanif Baloch, and Sajid Baloch, got martyrdom on January 30, 2016, when Pakistani forces raided the guest house of BNM senior member Ashraf Baloch in Mastung. Dr. Manan Baloch was visiting Mastung and its surroundings to organize the BNM and Baloch National Movement, aiming to resolve divisions among different factions and alleviate conflicts.

Dr. Manan Baloch traversed every corner of Balochistan to mobilize the Baloch national movement.

The spokesperson emphasized that BNM has a history steeped in sacrifices, with this instance not being the first time the party has lost a significant leader. From the founding head of the party, Waja Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, to members, individuals have etched their place in history through their sacrifices. Following the martyrdom of Chairman Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, numerous central leaders sustained the struggle by willingly contributing their blood. Additionally, leaders such as Dr. Deen Mohammad Baloch, Ghafoor Baloch, and Ramzan Baloch endured years of torture in the secret prisons of the Pakistani army.

The spokesperson highlighted that following the martyrdom of Waja Ghulam Muhammad, there was a misconception within the state that the party would cease to exist with the loss of Chairman Ghulam Muhammad. However, Dr. Manan Baloch and his colleagues resiliently upheld and organized the BNM, resisting state oppression. Dr. Manan Baloch extensively traveled across every corner of Balochistan, dedicating day and night to the BNM program and raising awareness for the Baloch movement. The impacts and results of these efforts are evident and flourishing today.

He mentioned that Babu Nowroz was a young writer and intellectual, actively engaged in shedding light on the Baloch national issue through his pen and on the platform of BNM, contributing to national awareness. Sajid Baloch, who was martyred at a young age, along with BNM senior members Ashraf Baloch and Hanif Baloch, played a significant role in the Baloch national movement throughout their political journey. They devoted their last breath and the last drop of blood to nurture the Baloch movement. Their sacrifices serve as a guiding beacon for us.

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