Baloch nation, demonstrating conscious courage, decisively rejects Pakistani elections in favor of the independence movement. Dr. Naseem Baloch

Chairman of Baloch National Movement, Dr. Naseem Baloch has said that the Baloch nation has expressed strong resolute for Baloch national independence by rejecting the so-called Pakistani elections with conscious courage. Despite Pakistan’s coercive measures, including military force and state apparatuses, the Baloch nation boycotted the elections, sending a clear message to Pakistan and the world that they refuse to be complicit in the occupiers’ forced electoral process.

Dr. Naseem Baloch asserted that elections in Pakistan are nothing more than a futile exercise and a mockery. Throughout Pakistan’s history, there hasn’t been a single election process instilling confidence among the parties involved. All elections are consistently manipulated for military purposes. Balochistan, under the direct control of the army, makes it not just difficult but impossible to secure an election victory without the army’s consent. Individuals elected here, under the guise of elections, primarily serve military objectives, exploit national resources, shield the army’s war crimes, and provide a political facade for military repression. This is why the Baloch nation views them as complicit partners in the army’s war crimes.

He emphasized that after years of experience, the Baloch nation resolved not to partake in the sham elections of the Pakistani system. By heeding the call of Baloch pro-independence parties and boycotting the so-called elections in 2013, the Baloch people unequivocally expressed their desire for independence. This resolute decision dealt a blow to Pakistan and its parliamentary allies advocating for the perpetuation of Pakistani occupation. Consequently, Pakistan and its supporters resorted to various tactics to sway the Baloch nation and coerce their participation in the elections. Among these tactics, they resorted to blackmailing the families of thousands of forcibly disappeared youths. Despite the army’s attempts to use force and compel them to polling stations, the Baloch nation remained steadfast in their lack of confidence in the Pakistani system.

The Chairman of the Baloch National Movement said that Balochistan has been transformed into a military garrison and an extensive prison by the Pakistani army. Despite these oppressive conditions, the resilience and bravery displayed by the Baloch nation in the face of military oppression is truly remarkable and fills us with pride. Witnessing their courage amidst the military’s oppressive tactics is a testament to the unwavering spirit of the Baloch people.During the polling stations, Baloch men and women exhibited remarkable courage as they vehemently protested and disrupted the so-called election process; chants demanding justice for their loved ones who have been kept in Pakistani torture cells for years echoed through the air, compelling the Pakistani army to retreat from the polling stations. The rejection of Pakistani elections by the Baloch people stands as yet another resounding referendum against Pakistani occupation.

Dr. Naseem Baloch said that we are facing a bloodthirsty enemy. Our movement may be long but public awareness and conscious commitment to the movement prove that the Baloch nation has defeated the atmosphere of fear created by the military oppression of the enemy. Increasingly, the war crimes of Pakistan are making the relationship between master and slave of Baloch and Pakistan more clear. Now Baloch has determined his destination and direction. Instead of obstructing the path to Baloch national freedom, they must recognize that by complicity in Pakistan’s colonial crimes, they will forever be remembered with shame in the annals of history by the Baloch people.

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