Winder incident, National liberation is the only way to end the continuation of state oppression – Qazi Dad Mohammad

Baloch National Movement’s information secretary Qazi Dad Mohammad Rehan said “Despite widespread protests in Balochistan, Sindh, and Pkhtunkha the relentless Baloch genocide persists unabated. Occupying forces from Pakistan continue their indiscriminate firing on innocent civilians, exemplified by the recent tragic incident involving the Pakistan Coast Guard in Windar, Hub, Balochistan. This force, predominantly comprised of Punjabi personnel, has been deployed on the Balochistan coast under the pretext of Prevention of Smuggling but has instead been implicated in extortion and harassment against the Baloch nation.In a statement released to media he said “Tragically, today, Ataullh son of Pulyan Khan, a driver fell victim to this violence and lost his life. The only viable recourse to end this oppressive cycle is realizing Baloch national freedom. We must unite in our struggle against this injustice. The current scenario demands our collective action, as we witness Baloch lives being taken even in the absence of a direct confrontation. Joining the freedom movement is essential to ending these days of suffering.He added “We call upon the international community to actively intervene and fulfill its responsibility in halting this genocide. While some progress may have been made, the global community must continue exerting pressure and support efforts to bring about lasting change. Baloch individuals, wherever they may be, must stand united, fortify their ranks, and deliver a resolute response to the enemy on all fronts in the pursuit of their freedom.

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