BLA Claims 40 Hours of Control in Mach “Dara-e-Bolan Operation”

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) claims that it has maintained control over Mach city and the surrounding highways for over 40 hours, as part of ‘Operation Dara-e-Bolan.

In a recent media statement released by Jeeyand Baloch, spokesperson for Balochistan Liberation Army detailing a significant attack on a Pakistani military convoy comprising eighteen vehicles from Sibbi towards Mach. The convoy, including FC (Frontier Corps) forces, police, Levies, and armored vehicles, was allegedly ambushed near the Gokurt Hotel on the outskirts of Mach.

The BLA claims the attack resulted in the deaths of at least four personnel and injuries to several others, forcing the convoy to retreat toward Sibbi.The statement also mentioned ongoing intense battles involving the Majeed Brigade’s ‘Fidayeen’ (suicide attackers) within the FC Headquarters.Earlier, on Tuesday, the BLA reported maintaining control over Mach city for more than 24 hours, alleging that the Pakistani military had been confined to a small area of the FC headquarters.Contradicting claims by the Pakistani military of repelling the BLA attack, Jeeyand Baloch stated that Baloch ‘freedom fighters’ were patrolling the streets of Mach city with public support.

The BLA invited international and Pakistani media to verify these claims, offering protection for journalists visiting Mach city.Additionally, the BLA claimed that their Majeed Brigade ‘Fidayeen’ engaged in a fierce battle with Pakistani forces on Tuesday evening.

The group asserted that the ‘fidayeen’ had entered the FC headquarters, killed at least 12 soldiers, and initiated clearing operations inside.In contrast, the BLA’s media wing, Hakkal, has been actively providing detailed updates from the battlefield through videos and audio messages.

The BLA claims to maintain control over Mach city, challenging the narrative provided by the ISPR.

They have released videos purportedly showing their fighters patrolling the streets of Mach and advising civilians through loudspeakers to stay indoors. These updates from the BLA are presented as evidence of their ongoing presence and control in the region, directly countering the claims of the Pakistani military.

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