Mines have been installed on all roads in Bolan; the public should avoid traveling. BLA

In a media statement Released by Jeeyand Baloch, Spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army said “The Elite Unit of the Baloch Liberation Army, Special Tactical Operations Squad (STOS), has taken control of all internal and external roads in Bolan, Mach, and surrounding areas under Operation Dara-e-Bolan.

Mines have been laid on all roads. Therefore, we advise the Baloch people to refrain from any movement on these roads.He added “Moreover, during a raid, Baloch Freedom Fighters attacked the enemy army camp in Peer Ghaib Bolan, resulting in the death of more than ten soldiers.

Additionally, the city of Mach is now entirely under the control of Baloch Freedom Fighters. Further details will be released to the media soon.

It is believed that the Mach city is still under the complete control of BLA Militants, all roads to and from the city are closed, emergency has been imposed in hospitals since last night.

Helicopters and spy planes are flying in and around the city of Mach, the Pakistani army has sent a heab contingent of troops from Quetta and other cities, the Pakistani army has failed to gain control of the city, so far in terms of casualties. There are no confirmed reports to what extent

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