BNM’s Events starts today during 55th Human Rights Council Session

The Baloch National Movement begun its series of event on the occasion of 55th UN Human Rights Council session, these events aiming to highlight the critical human rights situation in Balochistan and Baloch facing.

The 4th International Balochistan conference, organised by the Baloch National Movement took place on March 11th, 2024,at the Geneva Press Club, on the title of “Unveiling Injustice: Balochistan’s Political and human rights struggle – Global Perspective and Responsibilities”.

Distinguished personalities participated, sharing perspectives and affirming their commitment to the Baloch national movement.

To access the complete program, please visit BNM’s Telegram channel, where links to the speeches of the respective speakers can be found under their names.

1st Part :The Rt Hon John McDonnell, Labour MP UK for Hayes and Harlington, has held his parliamentary seat since 1 May 1997.

Karlos Zurutuza, the sole international journalist to have reported from all three parts of Balochistan (Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan)

2nd Part :Documentary on Balochistan

3rd Part :Peter Tatchell, a relentless advocate for human rights, democracy, LGBT+ freedom, and global justice since 1967, has staunchly supported the Baloch liberation cause for over a decade.

4th Part : Noor Maryam Kanwar, a dedicated human rights activist and researcher, focuses on ethnic and religious communities in Pakistan.

5th Part :Hatim Baloch) , a dedicated Baloch human rights and political activist, serves as one of the central committee members of the Baloch National Movement.

6th Part :Dr. Lakhu Lohana serves as the Secretary General of the World Sindhi Congress, dedicating decades to advocating for the liberation of Sindhu Desh.Professor Carina Jahani is a distinguished linguist and researcher in Iranian languages at Uppsala University, Sweden.

7th Part :Dr. Naseer Dashti, a London-based writer specializing in south-central Asian affairs, serves as the Executive President of the Baloch Human Rights Council.

8th Part :Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa, a senior fellow at the Department of War Studies, King’s College, London.

9th Part :Dr. Naseem Baluch, Chairman Baloch National Movement, and the resolution presented by Niaz Zehri, Deputy Coordinator of the Foreign Department of BNM during the conference.

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