BNM highlights Balochistan’s Human Rights Abuses at 55th UN HR Council Session in Geneva

The Baloch National Movement (BNM) is set to cast a spotlight on Balochistan’s political and human rights struggle during the 55th UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva through a series of events.

On March 11, BNM will kick off the week with its 4th International Conference on Balochistan, themed “Unveiling Injustice: Balochistan’s Political and Human Rights Struggle – Global Perspectives and Responsibilities.”The following day, March 12, will witness the commencement of a two-day Poster Exhibition and Awareness Campaign, coupled with a Protest Demonstration at the iconic Broken Chair in Geneva.

The event aims to shed light on the challenges faced by the Baloch nation and garner international support for their cause.March 13 will mark the second day of the Awareness Campaign and Photo Exhibition, featuring live programs and media interactions. The two-day campaign will conclude at 4 PM, summarizing the efforts made to raise awareness about the situation in Balochistan.In addition to these events, representatives of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) will actively participate in multiple interventions at the Human Rights Council, presenting the Baloch nation’s case. These interventions aim to draw attention to the pressing issues faced by the Baloch nation and advocate for their rights on the international stage.

As the world converges in Geneva for the 55th UN Human Rights Council session, BNM’s initiatives promise to bring the Balochistan struggle to the forefront, urging global leaders to address the political and human rights challenges faced by the Baloch nation.

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