Not to recognize the government of Pakistan, The demand from American Congress men is welcome. Dr. Naseem Baloch

Dr. Naseem Baloch, Chairman of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), has welcomed the stance of 30 American Congress members who are urging non-recognition of the Pakistani government.

He emphasized that this endorsement aligns with the Baloch National Movement’s stance, which opted for non-parliamentary politics two decades ago, dismissing parliamentary engagement as an ineffective pursuit within the Pakistani system. Today, prominent names in Pakistani politics are also talking about avoiding parliamentary politics as democracy in Pakistan is considered a facade and a strategy to legitimize the occupation of oppressed nations.

The chairman stated that currently, members of the American Congress are engaging in discussions about the United States refraining from aiding countries worldwide that violate democracy and human rights. This shift is considered promising, and amidst these discussions, they need to address the ‘Balochistan issue.’ In this context, the Pakistani army is implicated in severe human rights violations. Sarfraz Bugti, identified as the leader of a death squad in Balochistan, has been appointed as the so-called chief minister, ranking as the professional perpetrator and assailant against the Baloch nation.

He remarked that the esteemed American Congressman Greg Cassar is contemplating a valid perspective, acknowledging that unfortunately, America has supported world leaders indifferent to democracy and human rights. The Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf, backed by American support, exacerbated the Baloch nation’s genocide in Balochistan and obstructed the path to peaceful politics for parties like BNM.

The BNM chairman emphasized that enforced disappearance has been recognized as a crime against humanity, yet the Pakistani army continues to forcibly disappear Baloch individuals on a daily basis. American members of Congress, President Joe Biden, and Foreign Minister Antony Blinken have been urged to hold Pakistan accountable. It is crucial for them to play a role in putting an end to the ongoing Baloch genocide.

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