Pakistan’s aerial strike in Western Balochistan, kills more than 6 people

Pakistan carried out several airstrikes in the border area of ​​Sham Sar “Haqabad” in western Balochistan around 4:00 AM in this morning, killing many people including a woman and children.According to further details, today, Thursday, January 18, as a “retaliatory action”, Pakistan carried out multiple drone attacks on settlements in the border areas of Shamsar Iranian -administered border province Baluchistan, from which four children, one woman and a man were reportedly killed. The Identification of the deceased are Dost Mohammad, Najma and children include Hani, Babar, Chirag and Mahkan. It is feared that more children and women will be killed in the air strikes but not confirmed so far. According to regional sources, after the first airstrike, when people gathered to remove the bodies from the rubble, the second drone attack was carried out. The Pakistani Foreign Office and ISPR called it an attack on the bases of “Baloch Sarmachars” and according to them they attacked seven BLF militant bases and killed Baloch Sarmachars,Meanwhile Balochistan Liberation Front spokesperson In his brief statement denied and siad “there is no BLF camp in Iranian Balochistan and none of the Balochistan Liberation Front Sarmachars has been killed in the recent aerial attacks by Pakistan. According to Major Gwahram , “In Social media BLF’s media handle ‘Ashoob letterpad’ is being edited and spread fake news in the name of Major Gwahram, which we denied and there are fake.

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Baloch Women, Children, and Activist Dosta Mehmoud Lose Lives in Pakistan's Attacks on Western Balochistan - BNM Spokesperson

Thu Jan 18 , 2024
Pakistan must be held globally accountable for this terrorist act.

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