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Balochistan is reminding us of the dream of Shaheed Gulam Mohammad Baloch which is yet to come true. The dream of a free Balochistan is the aim to dignify Balochi language, the ambition to implement Balochi culture, the objective to have a society free from fascism, the determination to have value for mankind, the system where there would be rule of law, the resolution to have a land of equality and a land of justice, the aim to educate every individual, and the will to eliminate the concept of feudalism. Every beloved part of Balochistan is calling us out, the clouds are in tears, the valleys are mourning, and the mountains are echoing do not forget me.

You have to struggle for the dream of Shaheed Gulam Mohammad Baloch. Every 27th March jogs our memory that we are slaves, we are slaves in the land which we owned for hundreds of years untill we lost our freedom.

We were deceived by the stubborn enemy. The enemy who is well known for hypocrisy and dissembling. The enemy who uses religions to promote extremism. The enemy who uses racism to satisfy its thirst. The army which takes part in politics to stay in power. The army which takes part in businesses to do bamboozling. The army which failed to bring peace within its territory since 1947.

Let’s tell the world we struggle from cradle to grave. Let’s decide that we will have to fight for our rights, we have to pattern ourselves on Shaheed Dr Manan Baloch. We should take a leaf out of Shaheed Banok Karima’s book. Let’s model ourselves after Shaheed Lala Muneer. Let’s dedicate ourselves to our beloved land Balochistan.

The question is, how can we contribute to the Baloch cause? How can we play a part in the freedom of Balochistan? The answer is; If you’re a journalist you can write about the realities of Balochistan. If you’re a teacher you may disclose the facts, how the education system has been since Balochistan was occupied.

If you are a historian you may explain the history of Balochistan. In the same way, if you are a Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, Researcher, even if you are a common person, you can play a part in disclosing facts about occupied Balochistan in different ways. This is how we can give back to our beloved land of Balochistan.

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News Editor

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