Political Leaders and Social Activists condemns Invasion of Pakistani forces on Baloch Revolutionary Singer Ustad Minhaj Mukhtar’s house

Last night, Pakistani forces raided the house of Ustad Minhaj Mukhtar, a Balochi singer and director of Zrumbesh Zemir, in Tump Konshkalat area of ​​Kech district, Tortured women and children and took theirs mobile phones.

Ustad Minhaj Mukhtar is a revolutionary singer and the director of Zrumbesh Zemir, because of his revolutionary songs he is always under the siege of the state. His family has been beaten several times and their houses have been set on fire.Minhaj Mukhtar’s nephew Israr Baloch son of Atta has been detained and missing in custody of Pakistani forces.

It should be remembered that the state forces are constantly harassing the family of Ustad Minhaj Mukhtar and his widowed sister and their children. Minhaj Mukhtar’s brother-in-law Asim Faqeer was martyred by Pakistani forces on May 26, 2013 and now his children are being harassed by forces, Pakistani forces are also getting help from local death squads and informers in the raids.

Baloch National Movement Chairman Dr. Naseem Baloch and Central Information Secretary Qazi Dad Muhammad Rehan strongly condemned the operation of Pakistani army on Minhaj Mukhtar’s house.

Dr. Naseem Baloch wrote in one of his tweets on the social media platform “X” that ” Once again, Pakistani forces have raided and humiliated the family of renowned revolutionary singer Minhaj Mukhtar in Tump, Balochistan. Through his art, he advocates for a free Balochistan. Pakistan is determined to sabotage Balochi music, culture, and traditions in an attempt to erase the Baloch nation. Everyone, especially Baloch singers, should speak out against this barbaric act against their fellow artist.

On social media, various political and social workers also strongly condemned the raid on Ustad Minhaj’s house and the killing of his family.

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