BLF Pays homage to Shaheed Sarmachar of Qurban Unit Noor Zaman alias Raees Baloch. And Claims Killing of an ANF Personnel in Panjgur

Major Gwahram Baloch, Spokesperson for the Balochistan Liberation Front Paid Homage to Shaheed Noor Zaman alias Raees Baloch, son of Qadir Bakhsh, was a resident of Hoshab Perkotag. Who joined the Organisation to pursue national independence in November 2020. He was martyred on May 1, 2024 in Gichk Kahan. Noor Zaman began his primary education at Government High School Hoshab in 2010 but was unable to continue his education after completing the ninth grade in 2020. Shaheed Noor Zaman Baloch was a sincere, hard-working, and fighting fellow, dedicated to the freedom struggle.

Statement added that “He was forced to surrender in July 2023 when Nizam, also known as Deedar, surrendered to the Pakistani Army and its agencies. Later, he informed the camp commander about his situation and expressed his desire to rejoin the organization.

He went to the United Arab Emirates for a few months but returned soon after. Subsequently, the organizational area became part of the camp.Shaheed Noor Zaman alias Raees Baloch, had an uncle named Sarmachar Mumtaz, also known as Mullah Yasir, who was associated with the Baloch Liberation Army. He achieved martyrdom on January 17, 2023, in Gowarkop, Kech.

Surrendered Sarmachar and state-backed informants Nabeel alias Adil, Aqib alias Basit and Yasir alias Malango were directly involved in the martyrdom of Sarmachar’s colleagues. All these actors have been identified, all of them will be brought to their end soon. National enemies active against the Baloch National Liberation Movement will not be forgiven under any circumstances.

The blood of the martyrs is the freedom of Balochistan and freedom is the destiny of the Balochs because they are fighting for the truth and the defense of their land. Victory and success always belong to truth.

The Balochistan Liberation Front pays homage to the martyr Sarmachar Noor Zaman Baloch for his great sacrifice and reiterates its commitment to completing the mission of the martyrs soon.

An another statement released to media, Major Gwahram Baloch claimed that Baloch Sarmachars targeted the Anti-Narcotics Force in Panjgur, in which two personnel were seriously wounded and one of the injured personnel later died.

On June 24, at 1:20 p.m., there was an attack on ANF personnel on Jama Masjid Road in the Chitkan area of Panjgur. Two enemy personnel, Constable Afzal and Sepoy Shahid, were injured in the attack. Later, Constable Afzal died from his injuries.

The Balochistan Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the attack. Our attacks will continue until Balochistan independence.

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