BLF Claims Responsibility for the Attack on mineral trucks in Mastung

Major Gwahram Baloch, Spokesperson for the Balochistan Liberation Front while claiming responsibility for the attack on mineral truck, and said “.Today, May 24, at four o’clock in the day, the Sarmachars have fired at six trucks carrying minerals in Zelli and busted their tires. The driver and cleaner of the said vehicles have been released after warning.

The added” We make it clear that we will not allow anyone to take resources from Balochistan. The companies involved in exploitation projects along with the military and government companies of occupied Pakistan should stop looting Baloch national resources or they will have to face serious attacks.

We are making it clear to the drivers and owners of mineral-carrying vehicles to desist from this practice; otherwise, they will be responsible for their own loss of life and property.

Balochistan Liberation Front claimed the responsibility of this attack and all the interests of the occupying army and the state are on our target until the complete independence of the Baloch land.

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