Baloch National Leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch calls for International Support in Pursuit of Freedom and Justice

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, a pro-freedom leader and head of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) in a statement, said that the Baloch nation reiterates its urgent appeal to the neighboring countries, including Iran, Afghanistan, India, and all the nations in the Middle East, to stand with our struggle for self-determination.

We also call upon the international community, including the European Union, USA, the United Nations, and human rights organizations, to recognize the ongoing human rights abuses perpetrated by the Pakistani state against the Baloch people. They should come forward to support the Baloch cause, he added.Furthermore,, for millennia, the Baloch people have maintained a distinct cultural and historical identity.

We have a long and cordial relationship with the Arab world. However, Pakistan, a state established in 1947, has occupied Balochistan for over 76 years, subjecting our people to a systematic oppression and violence.Dr. Baloch urged the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman and the President of United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s His Highness Mohammad Bin Zayed al Nahyan should recognise the Baloch struggle against Pakistan as Baloch have hundreds of years of historical relations with Arabs while Pakistan is a newborn and unnatural state.

He further said, we condemn the recent killings of innocent Baloch civilians in Mashkay, Awaran and Gwadar by Pakistani death squads. These atrocities are a continuation of the Pakistani military’s brutal campaign to suppress the Baloch freedom movement, which is increasingly gaining popular support.

He insisted that the Baloch struggle is not against any specific ethnicity or religion. Ours is a secular movement fighting for liberation from an occupying power namely the Pakistani state.

Dr. Baloch emphatically suggested that China, having fought its own war for independence, must understand the unwavering spirit of freedom movements. We humbly ask China to cease its economic and military support for Pakistan, which comes at the expense of Baloch lives.

He concluded that the Baloch nation longs for peace and justice. We call upon the world to recognize our plight and support our pursuit of freedom.

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