We strive, Not just for this land, but for the fundamental freedom of the Baloch Nation – BNM

An event organised in the memory of the martyrs of Murgaap, Under the title ‘Lessons of Movement and Revolutionary Organization,’ a series of central educational and organizational sessions is being conducted. Members of the Baloch Nationalist Movement (BNM) participated in the fourth and fifth sessions, including members of BNM.

During the session, Central Information Secretary Qazi Dad Mohammad Riehan, Welfare Secretary Master Zafer, Organizer of Martyr Rashid Marri, Teacher Mehran, Senior Member Mohammad Rafique, and Mama Anwar addressed the gathering.

These educational and organizational sessions held at different locations were attended by party members and sympathizers.Officials emphasized that the BNM is a revolutionary organization inheriting philosophies from leaders like Martyr Fida Ahmed, aiming not only for the realization of the dream of Free Balochistan but also for justice and equality in Baloch society, where every individual is equal and free regardless of race, class, or gender.

They stated that party leadership should always be accountable. Workers have the right to raise questions and openly criticize regarding their personal lives and roles. We must fulfill the promises we make. If a worker is suffering, leading a miserable life while leadership remains comfortable, it’s their right to question why. But also ponder on the reasons behind it. Encourage positive perspectives and thinking.

Officials mentioned that a political worker is not just an ordinary person in society but someone who harbors national consciousness. Instead of dedicating time to their families and children, they devote their energies solely to the welfare of their nation. A revolutionary political worker doesn’t possess traits like dishonesty, deceit, corruption, etc. We should also avoid such negative habits.

They emphasized that women are half of our society. Neglecting their participation in struggle would mean pushing half of our population away from struggle, benefiting the enemy. Baloch women should develop their capabilities like the progressive women of developed societies, alongside their political empowerment. Stay informed about political situations. The equality of women in society is a priority for the BNM.

Officials said the sacrifices of the martyrs of Murgaap remind us that we are part of a challenging struggle. Our leaders and companions have faced violence and imprisonment, yet they maintained their commitment to the struggle.”

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