BLF Claims Killing of Dozen of Pakistani militants in a Attack in Awaran, Pay Homage to the Martyrdom of a Fellow Sarmachar

Spokesperson for the Balochistan Liberation Front Major Gwahram issued a statement to the media Quoting “BLF Sarmachars targeted the main camp of the occupying Pakistani army at Nondada in Jhao area of ​​Awaran and killed more than a dozen enemy personnel and caused more serious loss of life and property.

At six o’clock in the evening of May 26, the Freedom fighters of the BLF Qurban unit surrounded the Pakistani military camp in Nondada Jhao from all sides and launched a massive attack on it with heavy weapons. A team of sniper shooters of BLF was also involved in this operation.Statement added “The attack resulted in the deaths of many enemy personnel and injuries to several others. Five outposts and the main camp fronts were destroyed. The fighters approached the camp, throwing grenades and inflicting significant casualties and damage to the enemy.

Meanwhile, many enemy personnel ran away from their outpost and main camp out of the fear. The war continued for four hours. However, the day after the attack, on May 27, the defeated enemy forces attacked the civilian population as usual and at many places the forces blocked the roads and started taunting and harassing the people.

In this attack, Sarmachar Second Lieutenant Ashraf alias Rehan Nokap, s/o Murad Bakhsh, a resident of Kundadi, was martyred by the enemy’s retaliatory mortar shell. Shaheed Ashraf Baloch was an extremely hardworking and risk-taking fellow Sarmachar, devoted to the freedom struggle. He continued to demonstrate his bravery and fighting skills by participating in operations against the occupying Pakistani army on various fronts of Awaran.It should be noted that Shaheed Ashraf Jan was working as an active fighter in the BLF and was injured twice in two Bedouin battles with the enemy, but Shaheed Ashraf Jan was more than ever on the war front after recovering from his injuries both times. Active with enthusiasm.

BLF pays homage to Shaheed Ashraf Jan and pledges to fulfill the mission of martyrs.It should be remembered that whenever a Sarmachar is martyred on a front, we proudly bring their martyrdom before the nation and the world, pay tribute to them for their sacrifices, but on the contrary, the spokesperson of the Pakistani army, ISPR downplays the casualties of his privileged mercenaries or refuses to do so and quietly hides the corpses of the dead and sends them funds, as the enemy fears the demoralization of his mercenaries. Even in this war, ISPR is trying to hide the loss of life an caused to its army.

The Balochistan Liberation Front claimed responsibility for this serious attack, and said our attacks will continue with more intensity and innovation until the complete independence of Balochistan.

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