BNM Mashkay Chapter Organise event on title “Educational and Revolutionary Organisation” on the occasion of Martyrdom of Murgaap

On the occasion of the martyrdom of the martyrs of Murgaap, the first program of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) under the title of ‘Educational and Revolutionary Organization’ was organized in Mashkay Chapter, in which members of various units of the Mashkay, Awaran and Panjgur chapter participated.

In the program, Central Information Secretary Qazi Dad Muhammad Rehan, Central Finance Secretary Nasir Baloch, Human Rights Secretary Dr. Nazir Baloch, and Senior Party Member Mama Anwar Baloch addressed the gathering.

The organizers said that martyr Waja Ghulam Muhammad played a key role in advancing the movement by organizing it into political institutions. Despite the enemy’s efforts to kill martyr Ghulam Muhammad, they couldn’t suppress his ideology. Today, thousands of political workers associated with your caravan are striving for the success of the Baloch freedom movement.

They said revolutionary changes have come to Baloch society, from children to the elderly, everyone now feels the bondage of their slavery through national consciousness. Now, it’s impossible to subdue the Baloch nation and detach it from its movement. However, we must always remain vigilant to protect our movement. Martyr Waja Ghulam Muhammad said, “The higher we rise,when we fall then the greater the we loss. Today, our movement is moving towards greater heights; we must proceed with more caution.”

The organizers said that the campaign for national freedom demands patience and perseverance; the results of hasty political maneuvers are not lasting. We have made sacrifices of all kinds, and this sacrifice will continue until the goal is achieved. We will not retreat an inch from the struggle for freedom.

They said instead of becoming aggressive political workers, we need to advance our program under the discipline of institutions. We are aware of the consequences of past tribal struggles; today’s movement is based on political foundations, hence its success is evident. Every cadre must understand that they are connected not to individuals but to ideologies.

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