Martyr Waja Ghulam Muhammad has taught us the lesson of sacrifices – Event Organised in memory of Martyrs of Murgap

The love among revolutionary comrades empowers us, giving us the strength to endure the hardships and joys of this long journey. Martyr Waja Ghulam Muhammad has taught us the lesson of sacrifices, and every companion of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) is sacrificing for the freedom movement.

These sentiments were expressed in the third session of the program series titled ‘Lessons of Movement and Revolutionary Organization’ held in memory of the martyrs of Murgaap under the auspices of the BNM.

During this session, the central Information Secretary of the BNM, Qazi Dad Muhammad Rehan, and senior member Mama Anwar addressed the audience.

They said that the BNM is playing a role in safeguarding revolutionary political activists. During the national movement, nations faced the most difficult situations. The Baloch nation also faces difficulties in the past and present, but thanks to the BNM, the difficulties of the activists have reduced. We need to scrutinize every action of ours. We want a free Balochistan where equality and justice prevail. There should be no place for nepotism, war profiteers, and corrupt elements among our ranks. Martyr Ghulam Muhammad always said that the BNM is not the party of leaders but of workers who safeguard their party and national movement.

They said that the situation in the region is changing. There could be changes in the balance of power, both in our favor and against us, but we must be mentally prepared for every situation. Even if revolutionary activists are alone, they should not stray from their destination and purpose. We need to organize our companions and find other friend and same thinking allies who can rejuvenate the movement.

The organizers said that denying the role of women in the movement is impossible; in fact, their role is pivotal. A mother can play key role in revolutionary education. We have learned the lesson of being good Baloch and good humans from our mothers, sisters, and female comrades, and we take pride in their roles. Other nations also recognize the political and revolutionary roles of Baloch women. Women should not just be considered as women but should play their role as political activists in Baloch society.

They said, study the role of revolutionary comrade Martyr Lala Munir, who, by challenging negative class thinking, achieved a high position in Baloch society, making the entire Baloch nation consider him a hero. Similarly, Martyrs Sher Muhammad and Ghulam Muhammad, by enduring all hardships and forced disappearances, sacrificed their lives because these sacrifices were inevitable under the demands of the current phase of the Baloch national movement.”

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