Qazi Rehan strongly condemns Hidayat Lohar’s murder, urges Baloch nation to support Surath and Sassui Lohar

figures like Hidayat Lohar face opposition from the Pakistan army

Qazi Dad Mohammad Rehan, Information Secretary of Baloch National Movement, strongly condemns the killing of Hidayat Lohar, the father of Surath and Sassui Lohar, leaders of Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh. He asserts that this tragedy underscores the price being paid for the peaceful struggle of the Sindhi, Baloch, and Pashtun nations.

He said, I strongly condemn this murder and stand in solidarity with my sisters Sasui and Surath Lohar during this time of sorrow. I urge the Baloch nation to support their struggle and not let them face this battle alone.

Qazi Rehan posted a comprehensive tweet on Twitter, providing details and background information on the incident. He characterized it as a systematic plan aiming to genocide subjugated nations.

He said, On his way to school this morning, teacher Hidayat Lohar lost his life, at the hands of Pakistani agencies. He had been forcefully missing from April 17, 2017, to July 2019 after being abducted by the Pakistani army. His daughters, Sasui and Surath Lohar, took to the streets, echoing the resilience of Baloch daughters, to advocate for their father’s recovery. They established an organization called ‘Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh’ not only to secure their father’s release but also to champion the cause of others who had been forcibly disappeared.

In his statement, he further included that Hidayat Lohar, a Sindhi nationalist, bore the pain of his nation. His killing represents more than the silencing of individual voices; it underscores a systematic policy of genocide that persists in various forms. Subjugated nations are being stripped of their political and social identities, economically paralyzed, and subjected to the dominance of Punjab.

‘‘ Sindhi people endure these hardships under a group government, embodied by the PPP, which predominantly represents the feudal class. This government promotes antiquated traditions and backwardness, ensuring that the populace remains mentally and economically disadvantaged, thereby securing their vote bank. These actions align with the Punjab Shahi’s interests, earning the Punjabi army’s approval.’’

He said that figures like Hidayat Lohar face opposition from the Pakistan army as they vocalize concerns about the survival of the Sindhi identity in the face of genocidal policies.

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