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Dr. Mahrang Baloch, the leader of the Baloch Yakjehti Committee, while holding a press conference in front of Quetta Civil Hospital, said that the state institutions are killing the Baloch people extrajudicially in fake encounters after theirs forcible abduction. Despite millions of people came out against this injustice, which doesn’t matter for state.

She said that “Despite the public response, state is not ready to make any change in its policies in Balochistan. The families of hundreds of missing persons in the Long March participated in the march with hope and confidence to find their loved ones.” Not to be killed in a fake encounter but unfortunately the state wants to continue its cruel and oppressive policies towards Balochistan.

After the recent Mach incident, the way the missing persons were taken out of the prison and killed, this is the extreme of cruelty and repression.

The state is committing inhumane acts by killing the missing persons by justifying the actions of the armed men. The state is continuing the Baloch genocide on a false narrative that the missing persons are in the mountains but the reality is quite the opposite. Those who are fighting armed conflict have never been protested by the families of missing persons and their names are not in the list of missing persons.

She said, “The state is massacring the victims of enforced disappearance by justifying the armed struggle and this massacre is being disputed through a false narrative, but we want to clear it to the state that the victims of enforced disappearance In any case, we will not remain silent on the killing of persons without court trials.

She said that “all of the armed men who were involved in the Mach incident, not a single person’s name is included in the list of missing persons, nor theirs family ever reported.” But the state abducts dozens of people on a daily basis in Balochistan, holds them in it’s secret prisons for months and years, and later releases some of them, whose news has been reported by the media and their families. Their numbers in millions. Enforced disappearance is a serious crime under Pakistan’s own constitution and law, including that of the United Nations, If there is an accusation, the state has courts, according to the law of the land, they should be presented in the courts so that the courts and the law can decide whether these people are innocent or guilty, but in this way illegally by forcibly arresting people. Keeping them in secret prisons for months and years and killing victims of enforced disappearances in response to any armed action is extremely inhumane.

She added that after the Mach incident, the dead bodies of 5 people have been brought, of which 4 bodies have been identified by their relatives, who were previously abducted by the state agencies. While regarding the remaining one body, we fear that he also should be victims of forced disappearance. Among the four bodies that have been identified, Bashir Ahmed Marri son of Haji Khan and Arman Marri son of Nihal Khan died who were forcibly disappeared on July 2, 2023, and Subidar son of Gulzar Khan was forcibly disappeared from Harnai Bazar on 9 September 2023 whose family members demanded his recovery while participating in the Islamabad dharna and the fourth body was identified as Shakeel Ahmed son of Muhammad Ramadan was born to Sukna Zehri, according to whose family, he was forcibly disappeared on June 4, 2023, and there is all the evidence of his enforced disappearance. Today, the state institutions are responsible for the growing frustration of Baloch people toward Pakistani state, which is constantly trying to create fear in Balochistan through illegal and inhumane actions. The families of Arman Murri and Bashir Murri came to Islamabad hoping that they would get justice from the state which every citizen hopes for but instead of justice they found the mutilated bodies of their children and one of them was so mutilated. It has been said that it has not been identified. Which is a clear example of Baloch hostility and hatred towards Baloch.

Regarding the five dead bodies that were brought to the Civil Hospital Quetta yesterday, the state agencies are trying to establish a false narrative that these five people were armed and were killed in the Mach incident, but the state is unable to understand this small matter. That the state cannot hide its atrocities and oppression by creating false narratives.

The relatives of two of these five persons have identified their loved ones who were previously forcibly disappeared and have all the evidence of their enforced disappearance.

While another thing we want to make clear to the state institutions is that the two families who have been present in the civil hospital since yesterday, whose children have been killed extrajudicially, have been forced to take the dead bodies of their children through an illegal form. is being given to sign which is forcefully proving their children as terrorists, so the families of the victims of enforced disappearance who have been killed extrajudicially will not sign this illegal form under any circumstances.While we want to make it clear to the world once again that the genocide of the Baloch nation is going on in Balochistan and it is being intensified day by day. By killing the missing persons in fake encounters, the state has sent a clear message.

State has given a clear message that it not change his policies in Balochistan. We appeal to the human rights organizations including the United Nations to take notice of these incidents in Balochistan, while we appeal to the Baloch nation to adopt the path of political struggle instead of silence on the forced disappearances of their people.

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