BYC organises a grand Jalsa in Quetta against Genocidal policies of Pakistani state

Baloch Yakjehti Committee held one of the largest Jalsa in the history of Balochistan on January 27 in Quetta against the genocidal policies of the Pakistani state.

In a media press release by Baloch Yakjehti Committee it says “In the fifth phase of the movement, the Baloch Yakjehti Committee called for a Jalsa in Quetta after returning from Islamabad, where they were beaten up, tortured, harassed, and mishandled by the law enforcement and police. Children and women were put behind bars, and the use of force and the lack of seriousness in dialogue on the issue of Baloch missing persons, disarming of CTD (Counter Terrorism Department), which has been involved in multiple fake encounters targeting several youths.Statement said “

The movement against the Baloch Genocide started two months ago from Turbat, where a 13-day sit-in in Kech wasn’t taken seriously by the state. A march was started from Kech to Quetta and from Quetta to Islamabad.Throughout these two months, the state’s response has been arrogant, and continuous false allegations on the missing persons who are illegally detained in the state’s torture cells. With the continuous lack of progress in dialogue, the Baloch Yakjehti Committee ended the sit-in in Islamabad and started the fifth phase of the movement, which includes highlighting human rights abuses, mobilizing the nation against state injustices in Balochistan, and continuing the struggle for the safe recovery of Baloch missing persons and to stop the Baloch Genocide, which has been ongoing for the last two decades.

The Jalsa commenced with the Baloch national anthem. Thousands of Baloch people from across Karachi and Balochistan traveled to Quetta and ensured their presence and support for the Baloch movement, which will continue until the state ends its genocidal policies in Balochistan.Victims of enforced disappearances were present at the Jalsa, and speakers shared their experiences in the march and the state’s behavior.

Dr. Mahrang Baloch, while addressing the participants of the Jalsa, stated that the Baloch nation has faced the state’s brutalities for many years but has chosen the path of resistance. She asked the nation to continue the resistance against the current brutalities and encouraged Baloch women to actively participate in politics for a stronger impact. Addressing the youth, Dr. Mahrang emphasized the need to remember the torture inflicted on women in Islamabad over the years and vowed to continue the resistance against the Baloch genocide.

Dr. Mahrang Baloch, leader of Baloch Yakjehti Committee, said that we want to tell our nation that there is no justice for Baloch in Islamabad. A camp of Death squads and our killers was set up and seated in front of us, which was a clear message for us.PTM leader Manzoor Pashteen was coming for solidarity with us but he was arrested, Balochs have to align themselves now.

Dr. Mahrang Baloch said in her address that it is very important to explain the state in its language, because they are dumb and deaf, the state boasts of its strength, it has weapons and we have the passion and courage of our nation. The state always used force to scare the Baloch people, for which it used its entire Machineries, the state abducted our people and threw their dead bodies, but it could not scare us, we have broken this fear. I can smell the revolution in this Jalsa today, the revolution that our martyrs dreamed of, for which these mothers have been yearning for 15 years, their eyes have dried up. Mothers cry and yearn for the birth of their sons. The bloodthirsty of the state have drunk the blood of Baloch youth.

Dr. Mahrang said that it will be written in history that Baloch defeated the state power. It is the result of the blood and sacrifices of our martyrs that we are standing today against the oppression of the state. The long march from Turbat, which was for Balach, became the voice of all the oppressed Baloch people. It will be heard, but we have exposed this state to the whole world.

Dr Mahrang said that Baloch are not emotional but ideological, they will never have mercy on us, whether I stay or not, our movement is a trust for you.

This is not a traditional meeting, this movement is the voice of Baloch people all over the world. It is against the ongoing forced disappearances, military operations, killings and forcing Baloch to live as refugees in Balochistan. This land is the land of Mir Mihrab, it is the land of Abdul Aziz Kurd, this land is the land of Nawab Khair Bakhsh, Balach, Banuk Karima Baloch.

She said “come and see this public power today, unite against all the policies of the state that tried to suppress us by these blind courts, dedicate your life to the national life, and those people who tried to discriminate the Baloch people. They will give the message that Baloch is united today.The Baloch people will now have to align themselves.

She said that this is not 1948 or 1971, this is 2024 and this is not Bengal, this is Balochistan. This movement is the survival movement of Balochistan and this movement will continue like this.

Addressing the Jalsa held by Baloch Yakjehti Committee in the fifth phase of the movement against the Baloch Genocide, Professor Manzoor Baloch said that we have come to tell you that today the Pakistani state is worried about how to silence Baloch. When thousands of families are going through agony, which election, how election, in the last five years tell me which of your problems were solved. They have earned 16 billion rupees from Balochistan in the name of PSD, the youth of Balochistan who nurtured the whole of Pakistan are unemployed. Today’s meeting is a referendum. If someone understands the Baloch people, it’s good if they don’t understand till date, no one has been able to fill this stadium. We will count one day, one moment, one pain, one pie and that day is not far away.

He said that we don’t want privileges, we want to see happiness and not tears in the eyes of the women who came to the streets for the struggle of the Baloch nation. Those who break the mountains of atrocities on Baloch in the torture camps are surprised why the Baloch does not break after all. Our mothers and sisters tried this, we will go everywhere peacefully, so that these people do not say that Baloch does not speak, carries a gun, but when they went, the judiciary remained silent, the media remained silent, the state remained silent.

The professor said that Khan Kalat gave Jinnah and his sister 13 hundred kilos of gold. But what did they do with Balochistan? Pakistan recognized the independence of Baloch but Baloch could remain independent for only 227 days. Martyr Nawab Akbar Bugti went to the mountains to bring justice to the Sindhi woman and was martyred, while in Islamabad the police attacked the Baloch women like dogs, they were beaten, their cloaks were pulled from their heads. The eyes of these beasts. I had no shame, modesty and honor.

He said that Musharraf did not want Baba Marri to be arrested but the then governor of Balochistan Amirul Mulk Mengal wanted Baba Marri to resist and be martyred. Baba Marri ordered the arrest to continue the resistance. If you are really a nationalist then keep your emotions under control, think of your motherland, Pakistan is struggling economically, the secret agreement of Rekodic was made, the war in Afghanistan has shifted here.

Manzoor Baloch said that these are not mega projects, they are mega exploitation, Baloch will lose their land in Balochistan from these projects. These Baloch who are in the so-called nationalist parties are only occupying the lands, they have turned Quetta into a refugee camp. Such cruelty may never have happened in the history like what was done to the Balochs. It’s a must-read if you want to win at Table Talk.

The leader of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Sammi Deen Baloch, while addressing at Jalsa said that the status of this state is that they resort hire killers to oppressed women and suppress their protests. Every method is being used to suppress our voice. the demands of ending the Baloch genocide, stopping the atrocities and giving them rights so difficult that they cannot be resolved?

She said that the atrocities of the last 75 years have brought the Baloch to the point that now we refuse your oppression and oppression and carrying more dead bodies. Now we will decide our lives, not you. Resistance is life. Resistance is survival. Resistance is consciousness.

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