We returns to our homeland with hatred from Islamabad. Dr. Mahrang Baloch

The Baloch Long March received a historic welcome on its arrival in Quetta this morning, where thousands of people reached at Hazar Ganji and held a protest rally in front of Balochistan University on Saryab Road. A large number of people gathered and warmly welcomed the participants of the long march and showered flowers on them.

Addressing the welcoming participants, Dr. Mahrang Baloch, the leader of the Baloch Yakjehti Committee, said, “This movement has entered it’s fifth phase. A public gathering will be held in Quetta on 27th January, in which people from all over Balochistan are invited to participate.

She said that we have returned from Islamabad carrying hatred towards the state, our mothers were insulted there, we were welcomed with violence by Islamabad Police, we were charged with batons, cold water was thrown on us from water cannon. Protesters’ clothes were torn, we are bringing all the stories of suffering from Islamabad, we were labeled as terrorists,We were told “Baluchi” you people go to your homeland, now we request you to unite, be a part of this movement and convey the message to them to leave our homeland.

Dr. Mah Rang Baloch said they called all Baloch terrorists not only us, we want to tell them that terrorists are not us, terrorist is your state, its forces, who raped thousands of Bengali women, forcibly abducting our people, Balochs are being killed extrajudicially, but how long will we continue to pick up the dead bodies of our brothers and how long will we wait for this state to continue abducting our people?

Dr. Mah Rang Baloch addressed the Baloch nation and said that I am your sister and your mothers and sisters are sitting among you with pictures in their hands which are not only theirs children but the children of this nation whom the state of Pakistan has tortured in its torture cells, Imprisoned for years, O we inherit the martyrs

We went to Islamabad with a “Baluchi Meerh”, we knew from day one that Islamabad will not give us justice, the state that martyred our 80 year old Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, the state that pulled the veils from the heads of our women. We cannot remove all of these from our heart

She said that the Baloch nation will remember all this, our justice is in the hands of our people, come and support us in this struggle for national survival, those who negotiate in the name of Baloch or do politics on the blood of Baloch we reject them, the Baloch nation has now woken up.

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