BLA Claims Majeed Brigade Fidayeen enters FC head quarter and 12 more enemy personnel eliminated

Balochistan Liberation Army spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch in a latest statement released on Hakkal Media claimed that “Under operation Dara-e-Bolan, Baloch Liberation Army’s four units, Fateh Squad, STOS, Intelligence Wing and Majeed Brigade have controlled the Mach city and all exit and entry routes in adjoining areas for more than 24 hours now.In the last phase of Operation Dara-e-Bolan, BLA Majeed Brigade engaged in a fierce battle with enemy forces and eliminated at least 12 more enemy personnel on Tuesday evening.

BLA fidayeen have entered the main area of FC headquarter and are carrying out a clearing operation against the enemy forces.

All fidayeen of Majeed Brigade have entered the enemy camp under a Baloch oath that they will only return as martyrs. The fidayeen have two extra bullets in their pockets, which they will use to end their own lives in case they run out of ammunitions. The number of Majeed Brigade fidayeen will be released after the accomplishment of operation Dara-e-Bolan.

Furthermore news are coming from Sibbi that Eighteen Pakistani military trucks are moving towards Mach from Sibbi after Baloch Freedom Fighters entered the Pakistan Army Headquarter. Baloch fighters have occupied multiple military outposts in last 24 hours, and fighter jets and gunship helicopters are also in the sky.As per report Pakistani military comes under attack in three different places in Sibbi Methari and surrounding area of Mach

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