Political movement launchs to expose the secret agreements, NDP

The central spokesperson of the National Democratic Party has said in a statement that a constitutional petition was filed by the party in the High Court of Balochistan, Quetta, to bring the Rekodic agreement to the fore, which had been going on for the past two years.

Yesterday, on January 18, 2024, the Supreme Court finally rejected the constitutional petition by supporting the government’s position of not making the Rekodic Agreement public.

The court is the place where the people turn for justice after being disappointed with all the institutions, but when the court itself destroys the supremacy of the law by making decisions deviating from the fundamental rights, then where do the people go? There is a clear order of the former Supreme Court Chief Justice Jawadas Khawaja in 2013 that the agreements made by public tax cannot be kept secret, while the twenty-five percent shares in the Rekodic agreement are only through the tax given by the people of Balochistan. can be obtained.

The Supreme Court’s decision not to publicize the Rekodic Agreement has increased the already existing disillusionment in the Baloch nation and the neo-demographic policy is being implemented with justification.

By providing legal protection to the behavior, it has indirectly declared its partnership in the exploitation of Baloch.The party will soon announce its political campaign to bring all the agreements, including Rekodic, into the open.

News Editor

News Editor

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