Brief explanation of poetry – By Mohib Hameed

Ancient civilization poetry takes back to time (3000 BCE and 500 CE) Poetry has one of the rich and ancient breaf history, 3000 BCE and 500 CE mesopotian

: epic of gilghamesh , Ancient egypt , paramid and lumns text,Greece illiad and odessy, middle age of english Geoffery chaucer’s , Enlightenment of romanticism (1700 and 1850 BC ) , focus on the Modrenism and beyond (1850 present) emphasie emotion,nature and indivisialism (By wordsworth , Keats. experimentaion with form poetry (T.S eliot and Pauza pound) , Contemporary poetry: Diverse styles,Themes and voices.Poetry is the one of rich and large part of literature.

One of the indivisial people to express there own ideas,thoughts and feeling on the words with the respected structure and rules is known poetry. One of them who write poetry known is poet.

There are several subform of poetry which are included : Sonnet,Haiku, Free Verse,Narrative Poem,Lyric Poem,Ballad, Ode,Epic,Concrete Poem, Acrostic,Diamante, Limerick, Tanka,Ghazal,Villanelle, Sestina, Pantoum, Haibun,Cinquain,Senryu etc .

Behind of them verse , free verse,punctual verse and epic has great signifigance and did more evolued while the other did’nt.Poetry plays crucial rules of any society or nation because it’s describe any nation hertiges like history,culture,traditions and wars etc. The poet share and explain there society evils and issues on the symbolicism that’s help of the poetry. Without the poetry any of the society is incompleted. Poetry is the best way to convay,understand and gave message easily to anybody,create awareness.

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