BLF Claims Responsibility for Attack on Election Office in Turbat, Participation in state elections is tantamount to accepts state slavery


Major Gwahram Baloch, spokesperson of Balochistan Liberation Front, while accepting responsibility for the Turbat attack, said that the militants attacked the regional office of Pakistan Election Commission in Turbat, the main city of Kech.He said that at two o’clock on Thursday, the Sarmachars attacked the regional office of the Election Commission in Turbat with hand grenades and entered inside.A policeman has been killed in two-way firing inside the office.The spokesman has said that the Baloch Sarmachars also took the weapons of the three policemen present at the spot.Major Gwahram has said that the Pakistani elections are to strengthen the occupation in occupied Balochistan. We appeal to the people to reject the elections. Participating in state elections is tantamount to accepting state slavery. He has said that despite our warning, the police and other subordinate institutions are being used by the occupying Pakistani army.The spokesperson of BLF said that once again we warn all the forces including the police that Harpoling station is the target of Sarmachars on election day, the participants will be responsible for their own life and property.

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