Human Rights Situation in Balochistan Worsens in May – Paank issues Monthly Report

In light of Paank’s May 2024 report, the human rights situation in Balochistan has significantly worsened.Paank, the human rights organization of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), issues a detailed monthly report on human rights in Balochistan. The May 2024 report provides insights into enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, road accidents, and false cases against victims of enforced disappearances.

According to Paank’s report, Pakistani forces and their associated death squad operatives killed three individuals: Zahid Niaz from Kandari Maskay, Balach Nazir Ahmad from Noshkay, and Yar Mohammad Jalal from Naseerabad.

The report highlights that 90 people from Balochistan and Karachi were subjected to enforced disappearance by the Pakistan army in May. While 19 victims were later released from torture cells, state institutions have not provided any explanation for their illegal arrest, detention, and torture. Moreover, there is no information available regarding the mental and physical health status of the victims.During May 2024, 22 people from Kech, 15 from Gwadar, 9 from Awaran, 29 from Dera Bugti, 2 from Mach, 2 from Nasirabad, 2 from Khuzdar, 3 from Shaal, 2 from Dera Ghazi Khan, 2 from Nushkay, one from Panjgur, and one from Karachi were forcibly disappeared after extrajudicial arrests.”Pakistani forces should be held accountable judicially for all cases of extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances,” Paank emphasized.

Paank has drawn attention to the fabricated cases related to enforced disappearances, stating that the Pakistan Army is framing individuals after forcibly disappearing them, causing immense suffering to the victims and their families.”This act of injustice is causing immense suffering for the victims,” Paank remarked.

In May, it came to light that three individuals who had been forcibly disappeared were arrested in fabricated cases, including Niaz Abdullah and Bashir Abdul Ghani. They were accused of involvement in the murder of seven people in Surbandin, Gwadar, and handed over to the police despite being previously detained by state forces.Similarly, Faisal Swali was also handed over to the police on terrorism charges following his enforced disappearance.”This practice further exacerbates the plight of enforced disappearance victims, raising serious concerns about the rule of law and the human rights situation in Balochistan,” Paank stated.

Paank expressed concern about the increasing number of road accidents in Balochistan, attributing them to poor road conditions, lack of safety measures, absence of road signs and safety instructions, and single-lane highways.”Investing in the construction and maintenance of roads can help prevent more accidents and fatalities,” Paank urged.

Paank reiterated the need to enhance the role of international institutions, monitor by international human rights organizations, and report on human rights abuses in Balochistan. This process could lead to improvements in these critical cases, ensuring justice for the victims and their families.

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