Adding Balochi to Google Translate is a Positive Step, We Helps in Improvement of Translation: Qazi Rehan

Baloch National Movement’s Central Secretary for Information and Cultural Developments Qazi Dad Muhammad Rehan, has expressed his happiness at the inclusion of Balochi in Google Translate and offered assistance in improving the translations.

The statement was published on BNM’s official social media accounts, where Qazi Rehan said, “The addition of the Balochi language to Google Translate is a commendable step, and we are very grateful to Google for this. Balochi is an ancient language with words found in many other languages. It is a living and vibrant language spoken in many countries, with its literature and written form rapidly developing to meet modern times.”

He added, “Undoubtedly, the inclusion of the Balochi language in Google Translate is a revolutionary development for the Balochi language in the digital world.”According to Qazi Rehan, “The quality of Balochi translation on Google is much better than in other languages in their early stages. Although Balochi was added much later, the translation quality is satisfactory.”

He continued, “The BNM’s media department translates its statements into six languages simultaneously, including Brahui, Balochi, English, Urdu, Persian, and Arabic. We offer all possible assistance to organizations working to develop the Balochi language and to the Google Translate team in improving Balochi translations. This will facilitate the translation of all existing versions of the Balochi language into other languages, as each region’s writers and individuals have different diction. We must assimilate these diverse written dialects to present Balochi in its authentic form, as it is spoken over a wide area.”

Qazi Rehan also mentioned the AI technology that made this process possible and acknowledged the Balochi writers on the Internet. He said, “In this regard, we should also be grateful for the revolutionary AI technology that made this possible for Google. This progress was made possible by the dedicated efforts of Balochi language publishers and consistent Balochi writers. It is not the achievement of a single individual. As Google has stated, they have added 100 more languages to Google Translate using AI.

Our institutions, which add thousands of words and articles to the Internet daily, are not doing so in vain. Rather, this effort serves to connect with the citizens of the global village in the age of AI and to present our beautiful cultural diversity as a bouquet of flowers. Undoubtedly, the inclusion of the Balochi language in Google Translate is a revolutionary development for the Balochi language in the digital world.”

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