BLF claims responsibility for killing of two Pakistani militants in Turbat

Balochistan Liberation Front spokesperson Major Gwahram released a media statement claiming that “Our Sarmachars targeted a convoy of the occupying Pakistani army in Dannuk area of ​​Turbat, killing two enemy army personnel on the spot and injuring three others.

He said” On February 8th, BLF Sarmachars ambushed the convoy of the occupying Pakistani army with heavy and modern weapons in Dannuk area of ​​Turbat, the main city of Kech, near Shahizai Pump.

He claimed “A senior officer of the enemy army was also in the vehicle which the Sarmachars targeted in the convoy.This operation took place on February 8, the day of the so-called Pakistani election, but the enemy state suspended both the Internet and mobile networks on that day, so this attack was not reported.

He added “In this attack, the names of the soldiers of the Pakistani army who were killed have also been published on social media, one of them is Amir, one Sohail Akhtar, a resident of Nizampur, and third one is Saifur Rahman, a resident of Aghzar Khel.

The Balochistan Liberation Front claimed responsibility for this attack and said “Our attacks on the occupying Pakistani army will continue until the independence of Balochistan.

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