Abducted Balochistan – By Zohra Baloch

It’s really hard to narrate a story that’s happening in an extent that even thinking about it torments one; let alone mentioning the ones who have became victim of it.

The land which used to be famous for its breathtaking beauty is not beautiful anymore, it’s now a land that produces ugly corpses of its beautiful children.

Thousands of Baloch activists have gone missing including some famous names such as Dr Deen Mohd, Zakir Majeed, Zahid Baloch and Rashid Hussain. No one has a trace of them, no one knows if they are alive or not.

The mothers in Balochistan do not sing lullabies anymore, they now chant slogans for their missing sons. For years, they participate in protests and sit-ins and return empty handed to their houses that are shattered by the undying memories of their beloveds.

The children of those missing also have the same agony as the mothers. They do not play mud games nor go to schools. Instead, they hold the pictures of their missing fathers and brothers and sleep in camps for months in freezing weather. They grow up as protestors.

It was only men before who were beaten and abducted, and women were thought to be safe. But the course of brutality has changed now. Women are suffering the same fate too. They are now abducted and tortured in dungeons.

There is said to be a principle of human rights around the world. But, unfortunately, that’s missing in Balochistan too. The screams of the Baloch mothers fail to reach the ears of the world, or the world do not consider us human beingds.

After all the brutalities, the silence of the world is shocking and questionable. The families of the missing persons have knocked every door of Human Rights Organizations and groups. Yet, none has responded to them.

The silence of World is really shocking, as if they are blind over this issue.

The loss of death isn’t as painful as the abduction . Because when a person dies you are sure that he’s not gonna return. but when he is abducted , The Pain of Hope, The Pain of looking forward to seeing, The Pain of wondering whether he is alive or dead? Will he come back or not?
All kills you each and every day !

In Baluchistan , we don’t fear of death , instead fear of abduction is more than death for us !!

This is an unending story. This will continue until the Baloch resist it. Until we realise that fighting the colonial design that’s eating our children is the only way to protect the beautiful children of our beautiful land.

News Editor

News Editor

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